Convenient ice-cream meets child labour.

My doorbell rang late at night. I opened the door to find two children, both looked like they barely celebrated their 10th birthdays. One of them had a trolley with a huge icebox on it. I asked them what was the matter.

They told me that they’re selling ice-cream. They asked me to help them because they were poor and they had to pay for their school fees. My heart sank, I asked them how much were the ice-cream. After mentally converting the price, one box came to about RM21. I became a tad hesitant.

They pleaded with me again. Please help us, we’re poor and we need to pay our school fees. So I forked out the money and got a box of low quality ice cream, incidentally it was imported from Malaysia. Then I asked them where were their parents. They said the same things again. We’re poor, please help us pay our school fees. I stopped probing.

Did I just encourage child labour? Did I just get conned by a bunch of kids? Anyhow, it was ice-cream at my doorstep and America’s Next Top Model was on (I needed tele snack). Admittedly, too strong a temptation to resist.


My neighbour is undergoing renovation and it’s so noisy. Argh!!!!!!!


OMG I’m going for taekwondo classes. Don’t mess with me I will kick your sorry ass!!!! (Lets see how long I will last)