Seven thoughts in the evening.

1. If your writing is bad, don’t count on getting paid. If you think your stuff is worth more than what is offered, then give it to other companies that are credible enough to gauge your writing quality. Don’t be stupid and expect to get paid by stupid companies that have the “just a few words cleverly strung together” mentality. Or, don’t be stupid cause maybe the words aren’t that cleverly strung together in the first place.

2. Just like some musicians shouldn’t blame piracy for their lack of sales (because their music sucks), some writers shouldn’t blame bloggers for their lack of income (because their writing sucks).

3. Some refreshing of memories here. I love having my face plastered on national papers. Don’t you? Oi NST & JARING, when the hell are you going to do a mega photoshoot for me, trust me with a wee bit of professional makeup and some designer clothes I can blow people’s minds away! Serious!! When the hell are you going to let me live up to my blog header? Sex sells. Hot chicks sell. I selllllllll. Call me.

4. You know what’s more angry-fying than seeing that you’re being accused of being exploited by capitalistic/pro-goverment corporation? It’s that those who accused you of such low IQ act had tried to exploit you in the 1st place. I have had received several invitations from reputable politicians and their slave to join in their “struggle”. You fucking know who you are and if you anger me again by behaving oh so fucking holy I’ll publish the emails and MSN transcripts for all to see you hypocritical ass. I’m just glad I didn’t fall for your tricks cause you disgust me.

5. Which is the lesser devil? Between the option 1. of writing bullshit and having my big fat face glamourously plastered on national newspapers and option 2. of writing boring, political bullcrap which I have no desire to live up to and having my big fat old spinster (I’d imagine by now I’d be so stressed and angry my market would have plunged to below negative. i.e: just check out the looks of our local female political-istas) face plastered on cheapass papers in plastic IS MEDIOCRITY. I have neither desire to be mediocre or a spinster so….

6. I just coined a new word. Political-istas! Definition of political-istas:
Partisans with imaginary political careers who will never make it. They ride bicycles, sometimes scooters (trust me not out of environmental concern) and have really boring deskjobs that barely pays for his/her rent in Puchong. They thrive on the Internet pretending to be pundits because it’s the only way they can’t be found out how pathetic they are and there just happen to have enough stupid people on the Internet to stroke their ego. In real life, they might be affiliated to mindnumbing number of associations associated with their political ideology of choice, in which they might even hold several so-called important positions but the truth is they’re just dogs who blindly worship their alpha-dogmaster. And they’re also conventionally ugly.

7. My boyfriend got me a set of kickass speakers and omg they kickass. Feels like Sarah Mclachlan is living with me. No more listening to shitty laptop stereos.