Ah, the weekends!

paydayyyyyy nyahahahhaha

succumbed to lancome again, but only one compact powder, well the sunblock was out of stock….. :P omg im turning into this monster with a penchant for expensive gunk on my face. im a sworn user now. pharmacy brands just don’t do the job…after a hard day at work i come home with my makeup still clinging onto my face as though i had just put em on. MAGICAL! the skincare’s awesome too, i can already see a difference, not so dull nemore, w00t!!!

i’m gonna get myself a fringe. and trim a few inches off my mane. getting too high maintenance :( i think i might opt for a short bob too but boo was horrified when i told him my intention. boo prefers me not to cut em but if i do want it, he must be present to watch them fall on the floor. why? coz apparently it’s his property.

things are looking up at work. im learning to ignore stupid people with stupid suggestions, stupid questions and stupid antics. i’ve also managed to get over the desire to wear a tag that says, “www.fuckinggoogleit.com”


A conversation between Girl A and Girl B. Girl A was teaching Girl B how to print pictures on A4 size papers.

Girl A: Open a new Word file, go to page setup to set the paper size to A4.

Girl B: OK

Girl A: Then insert the pictures onto the blank document and resize them accordingly.

Girl B: OK

Girl A: Don’t resize them till the pictures look distorted.

Girl B: OK

Few minutes passed…

Girl A: Okay let me know when you’ve done.

Girl B: OK

20 minutes passed…

Girl A: Hello?

Girl B: Ya

Girl A: What’s the development? (deliberately rephrased her question thinking Girl B would answer specifically where she’s at)

Girl B: Developing.

Girl A: (……) Any question you like to ask me?

Girl B: Yes. Why are the pictures so small?

Girl A pukes blood and dies.

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