Bastard at work.

One of my more senior colleagues is an asshole. He is short, fat, kinda ugly and speaks with a lisp. Ah, men who overcompensate. Everyone in the office hates him and calls him names behind his back.

He reduced me to tears last Friday. I didn’t even do anything wrong. He misunderstood me, made a loud scene in the office and tried to turn the whole office against me (unsuccessful). Basically, he was bent on making my life a living hell. Fortunately it’s Friday and I’d got two days to recover from the trauma.

Got to give myself a pat on the back though. While he was barking passionately, I was quite close to requesting that he sucks his mother’s wilted nipples. But I didn’t. I cried, yes I cried. But I kept the colourful language to myself and I even made peace with him when everyone has left for lunch. I handled it like an adult while he had only confirmed the whole company’s suspicion- that he’s a fucking dog.

Oh well, appraisal’s around the corner and I’m rubbing my hands together in glee.


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