Carnage at Carnegie’s.

Went to Carnegie’s for ladies’ night. Ladies were given 4 drink coupons at the entrance. Apparently it has a good list of house drinks but it’s not like I knew how to enjoy it. I had one Heineken and was basically high on it the whole night. The rest of the coupons went to waste because alcohol elitists like FA and Suan would rather pay for big pints of Hoegaarden instead.

The place was infested with SPGs. And I mean stereotypical, straight out of the textbook kind of SPGs. Long straight hair, slightly tanned, mini skirt/tightass jeans and a little skimpy top with the bitchiest expression (to other women anyway). Mostly hogging the bar area waiting for balding, pasty white men with beer bellies to buy them drinks. The bar was so crowded it’s so gawddamn difficult for me to get ice water to dilute my Heineken.

We were at a bar table located right next to an elevated platform where more tables were placed. There were two girls seated just in front of us. At first they were having dinner and talking to each other. Fine. Then two old white men with the most horrible set of teeth stopped by their table and chatted them up. Wah, started to giggle like hell already. Then two more SPGs joined them. I tell you, I think these girls work in a team.

Not long after, the four SPGs started dancing. Gyrating their hips from side to side, durrrrrrrrty dancing with each other to the delight of the two wrinkled pasty men. At one point, one of them even sort of flashed at the perverts by undoing her cardigan.

Ok fine. I was more than a bit tipsy after consuming one bloody glass of Heineken, my legs were numb and I was just chilling. Suddenly, a wave of coldness enveloped me. Stupid SPGs shook their hips so hard they managed to topple the table and spilt drinks over me.

Instant soberiety.

The SPG’s heads are deliberately painted smaller to indicate lack of grey matter

They were still giggling. I screamed at them, “I THINK YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY, I’M DRENCHED!”. Then one of them offered me a half-baked apology which, to be honest, I wasn’t in a good state of mind to accept. I swear I was about to stomp up to the platform and punch them in the face one by one.

The culprit. I took this picture because it’s got Paul’s name. Notice the SPGs at the back.

Didn’t stay very long after that. Danced a bit to get my mind off my jeans which felt really heavy on my numb legs. It was a fun night nevertheless but I’ve only worn my jeans for 2 days and now I have to wash it again…tiu.

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