Meeting Miss Cheesie (good) and a bit of a rant (bad).

Now I need to brag about meeting up with Miss Cheesie. How could anyone be so pretty and so pleasant at the same time? Most of the time I just wanted to stop speaking and stare at her lovely oval face and touch her silky long hair. She made me want to straighten my hair, 8 times over and over again. What’s most amazing though is that she writes a good blog, really witty and entertaining (of course her beautiful pictures don’t hurt either).

Miss Cheesie and Kimberly.

I think I’ve spoken of this a long time ago. That I’m quite a judgmental person. Not a trait that I fancy very much but lets just say I haven’t been proven wrong yet (love relationships aside….lol). What I didn’t say though about this unpleasant trait is that it’s due a certain vibe I feel about people. There are people that I like very quickly and there are those that I dislike almost instantaneously. But of course, vibes are triggered by actions and everyone has his or her own unique action that causes me to brand them a certain way. Not the most ideal part of my personality but I’m learning to be less cynical. I really am.

And really, all this crap about peace in the blogosphere and all, oh please just shut the fuck up. Just because you’re a spineless fucktard who needs to be nice to every fucking asshole in the world in fear of not being accepted by the same assholes who make your lives miserable doesn’t mean I have to as well. Human beings are such accomodating creatures, worse if you’re Asians. Worst if you’re an Asian who blogs. I’m not a fight happy person and every fucktard I’ve ever had the fortune to dislike and clawed at on my blog (not amounting to 3 people by the way you exaggerative spineless dumbasses ), I happen to have a real and true reason to do so, of which I DON’T NEED TO FUCKING EXPLAIN TO YOU.

Suffice to say that two tried to attack me in reality and I was just hitting back online. Weird isn’t it that nowadays people are so protective of their online personas that they’re willing to go the extra mile in reality to ruin other people’s lives. And after ranting online and giving a pass to using some knowledge I could have used against them, what did I get myself in return? A reputation that I’m a war-waging bitch.

Funniest thing is, this war-waging bitch thing is exaggerated by none other than a clique of spineless fucktards who don’t like each other very much to begin with (but just too pussy to show it). Probably doing it to make themselves feel better. Cause they’re so devoid of personalities they decide that they can hide behind the “peace loving” facade.

Conspiracy theories? Conspiring to topple “famous bloggers”? You people seriously need to fucking take a look in the mirror and stop behaving so self-important. Oh yes, get a life too while you’re at it.

So yeah, please spare me the chats about peace in blogosphere. You’re not in a Korean Drama.

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