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Pigtails and being a little six year old again.

I’m barely 22, but the intensity of growing up has never been stronger than now. Sometimes I feel a desperate urge to hold onto my parents. It’s ironic because 5 years ago I would have done anything to live elsewhere but today I actually enjoy staying home and being fussed over by Mom.

I was to go shopping with Mom that day. I woke up feeling healthy and cheerful. I don’t know why, but somehow I wanted Mom to plait my hair. This is one of the activities that we enjoy as daughter and Mom. It makes me feel like a loved six year old and as for Mom, I believe she enjoys pretending that I was six and obedient again.


Mom insisted that I show off her masterpiece.


I like me pigtails.


You can stop staring at the pimple on my forehead though.

Seriously, I look like a bloody FOB!

p/s: Oh btw, I’ve already messed up my left contact lense, it looks like a hardened curry puff now.

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