When bars are given stupid names.

I’m not surprised that people call me a bimbo. The boyfriend calls me a bimbo. I personally don’t think I am *shrugs* but there are instances where I ultimately betray myself. One of such instances happened last night.

I was walking towards the gym with my gym partner. We had to walk around this huge corner shoplot still under renovation. Like every other shoplot under renovation in a shopping complex, there were makeshift walls erected with promotional posters stuck all over them.

I casually remarked, “Eh this dobi looks like it’s gonna be huge and classy looking leh. Sure expensive to wash clothes”. Fucker then launched into a long hyena-like laugh, complete with stomach clutching and all.


“It’s a bar, dumbass!!!!!!!! Buawahahahahahaha. Dobi? L.O.L. One one one one one one”. Damn loud somemore, okay.

Damn tiu. I’m shortsighted and all I could see was the bigass word “Laundry”!

Stupid name.


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