February 8, 2006 - Narcissism is Necessary

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B.F.F. & my stupid monitor.

The girls and I have been hanging out for the past two days, catching up on gossips and mutually ruining each other’s diet.

Jayn, Looloo and moi.

Looloo’s leaving for Sabah today :( Love you babe, take care please and study good!

My monitor’s busted. Think all the filaments have exploded cause there’s no image displayed at all. When the power’s switched on, the on/off LED keeps flickering though so it might be a different problem altogether. Not like it matters anyway, I’ll still have to get a new monitor. Arghhhhhhh. Now have to resort to using my brother’s viruses/adware infested pc.

p/s: B.F.F = best friends forever

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