Pleasant surprise :)

Jayna called me up for some routine catching up. I haven’t seen her for ages so I agreed on the spot. As usual, I drove to pick her up at her apartment. Imagine my surprise when I saw LooLoo walking beside Jayna towards my car. The woman had decided to surprise me!

Initially, Jayn and I had planned to fly to Kota Kinabalu to celebrate LooLoo’s 21st birthday. It was meant t o be a surprise visit, but since we’ve never been to Sabah, we feared that we might never actually find her university and stuff. So we called to inform LooLoo about our visit and she was really happy. Unfortunately, Jayn was admitted to hospital for appenditis, so we had to cancel our plan and decided to bring LooLoo back to KL instead. But my dear friend, one of the reasons why I love her so much, firmly declined our offer to buy her air tickets. She gave so many excuses till I got tired of trying to convince her.

And today, she outwitted us and gave us the surprise instead :)

She’s such a darling, isn’t she?

We went to Bangsar for some drinks and supper. The other half was also in the vicinity, so I introduced him to LooLoo for the 1st time. Am glad she likes him.

Whenever I go out with either one of them, people always think we’re sisters. Do we really look alike?

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