Too Young To Die.

I heard sounds of a man murmuring. Then, the subtitle in white font appeared glaringly against the darkened background.

“Oh, you’re sucking my penis now”.

My eyes stretched to make out a shape from the dark background. At last, I reached for the remote control and turned up the brightness of the television. There it was, a 72 year old woman giving a 73 year old man the sucky sucky treatment.

Welcome to the world of “Too Young To Die“.

Mind you, it’s not a b-grade Korean porn catered to fetishists for old school fuckers (but then again it does). It’s a film about how love rejuvenates and restores your life. The film is a very realistic depiction of a couple bickering, which if you think about it, is really quite a primitive way to gain assurance of love from your better half (read: make-up sex).

As usual, I say this film is a winner because it got me crying and laughing and aroused (ONLY SLIGHTLY LAH!).

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