R3velation at Port Dickson: A pictorial rundown. - Narcissism is Necessary

R3velation at Port Dickson: A pictorial rundown.

We were at Port Dickson for R3velation, “The Ultimate Beach Party”…..

…..which looked quite promising.

I was up the Ferris wheel…..

…..and took some bird’s eye view pictures.

FA was there…..

…..and so was ST (who would rather be giving birth).

God of course, but unfortunately not in his tux.

TBG was with us but she made me swear not to show to the world her pictures lest she has to fend off her already many admirers.

The music was okay till about 11pm. Marcus Sholz’s (correct spelling?) stuff was at least danceable to. Then this platinum blonde dude took over and it went downhill from there. I think he loves listening to his own voice more than playing to the crowd. It was BORING shit.

So bored I was ready to kill someone.

Boo to a boring rave..

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