Sien. No title :P

Ass long day at work. Damn tired. Damn Cheras traffic. Damn downpour. Finally got home and Mom’s already asleep. I’ve only seen her for like 2 hours this week :( Mommy I miss you :(

I got my personal work email. I know it’s silly but I feel strangely accomplished. Hehehe. Had to take LRT from KLCC to Taman Bahagia, damn long and boring journey!!!!! I counted 12 stations in between. How do you do it, KY?

Am quite psyched about this new assignment. I hope I don’t screw up.

Isn’t it weird why people only call you up with work offers right after you’ve landed yourself a job? Kind of like when you’ve found a new love interest and everyone starts chasing you. You know, that kind of thing.

The ex-s are going to be in town on the exact same day. July 14. Bad omen? Spooky shit….

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