Junk food makes you think silly.

“Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas”. Wouldn’t that be the perfect classification for blogs since they are direct intepretation of the mind (copycat blogs aside)? As I’ve said in a previous post, get a life and write about it.

My Mom is a weird woman. She has exquisite talent for saying the unlikeliest thing at the unlikeliest moment. When I was 13, two days before my birthday, she drove me to a bakery and asked me to collect a cake. I innocently asked her who was it for and she snapped back at me. “Don’t pretend, ok? So obvious still want to ask?”. I was crushed and I almost wanted to drop the cake on the floor and walked over it. Few days ago my Mom called me to ask whether I’ve hired a caterer for my birthday party. I said I haven’t and she snapped back at me. “You don’t want to do anything is it? You want to leave everything to us? It’s your party”. I’m your daughter? And it’s going to be one of the more important days of my life? I secretly think that she reaps pleasure from my guilty conscience.

I’m feeling a lot of hatred towards humanity. People should just dissappear and I should lose 10kilos.

I feel incomplete. What am I missing? Do I have a lost puzzle? I think I might need to pop some EPO.

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