Random thoughts on a Sunday.

I received 6 pairs of chandelier earrings. They’re sooooooo beautiful. Thank you!

I ate some weird English pickled vegetables with cheese on toast. Woah, damn good! I love Tesco.

I’m going to Hitachi Leadership Initiative on Tuesday at Mandarin Oriental. I hope lunch is provided. Ehehehehehehhehehe :P

I watched 8 Mile, finally. It is really unexpectedly good. I’m surprised by Eminem’s performance, his rap battle scenes were so cool. Kim Basinger’s depiction of a trailer trash was good too, “He won’t go down on me!” with puppy eyes and all. Finally the fully clothed sex scene..in Paris Hilton’s words, that’s so hot!

I got accepted for internship. I’m so excited about my new job. I hope I won’t get sick of it. I won’t blog about work though cause it comes with too many complications.

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