Petrol price hike…again???

There’s a rumour going around saying that there’ll be another petrol price increase at the strike of midnight. The authenticity of the news is compounded by the fact that The Star had published what everyone’s calling a warning on today’s newspaper.

I drive a Kelisa. The last time I fed it, the bill came to about RM53. My eyes almost popped out. That’s about RM215 every month, for a 1.0L car. I’m really feeling for my parents. Altogether my Dad needs to sustain 7 litres worth of engine capacity. It wasn’t so bad 3 years ago, my parents could even maintain a 3.2L fuel guzzler but by the second price increase, they had to let the monster go.

I do understand that it’s important to remove Malaysians’ reliance on the fuel subsidies and we’re still considered much luckier in that department in comparison to folks in the UK or America.

But hello, cars are so much cheaper in other countries. AFTA has been nothing but a direct result of Asean’s “Loss of Face” syndrome. Lets not even touch on the subject of public transportation. Highway tolls for every 5km or less? And I still only get paid for RM6.80 per hour. That’s USD1.80 per hour!

Where do all the money saved from this petrol price increase go to? Not to another politician’s mansion renovation, his SLK500, his children’s Ferraris or some delusional nonsensencial celebration party, I hope.

I get so angry seeing all these politicians weaving thick web of lies, trying to conceal their corrupted behaviours from us. But the thing is for every one Malaysian who knows better, there are likely three more who don’t. And these people get to vote! So how? How to convince them that the landslide victories we’re giving them are getting into their heads? That they don’t give a damn about us anymore, only our money.

It’s important to show them corrupted fiends that the people have the power to choose and they shouldn’t mess with the people. Try us enough and we’ll give them sufficient white knuckles to last till the end of the next election. Really, I can’t wait to vote. I’m excited about it already.

p/s: Oh yeah, the PM should just lay it all out what he’s going to do with the petrol pricing. I’m sick of his hints and empty talk. Chinese call it, “Ghost ghost rat rat”, which means lacking of magnanimity. At least if he made it known the whole agenda right till the inevitable subsidy cut, we will know what to do with our money now.

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