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Seriously. LOADS OF PHOTOS. PPS Birthday Bash!

Wow…the party was a blast! I met so many bloggers. I was in awe. Sadly I can’t remember everyone of them. But woah was it fun!

Charlie’s Place.

Yes, I was there!

The scrumptious cake.

Peter and I paying homage to Evil-Me.

When Kim got star-struck……

Pokku, me and Mack!!!! Pokku reads my blog! *Gasp* Mack is so groovy!

Jeff Ooi and I!!!! OMG!!!! I’d imagined him to be stern and stuff but totally nice! Damn on!

Kenny and Kim!!!! Refer to last picture.

Kim and Aizuddin!!!! Hail the founder!

Huai Bin and Kim!!!! He’s so cute!!!

Infamous TV Smith and Kim!!!! Man’s seriously funny!!

Peter and Kim!!!! He’s more lengjai than pictures.

When Kim got to put faces to blogs she reads so often….

Minishorts and Kim. Woman was wearing a top with the word, “Nothing”. Potong stim.

Jolene and Kim. So happy to have finally met you! Mwahs.

H.Liew and Kim. Confirm “M” shape hairline.

Kim and Joyce. Ooh la la. After Jolie, she’s the one I want to hump ok.

Andreas and ST, whom I’ve already met. And the Snark, when he’s not in a power ranger costume.

Michael and Kim. I love your article on the Fab 4!

Nick and Kim. It was quite surreal finally meeting you!

Kim harrassing Lainie, but Lainie enjoying it. Fip was fuming.

Din and Kim. His car that blogs was in Johor :(

Lucky angmoh sandwiched between Kim and Reta. Reta is so hotttttttt!

April and Kim. April’s so graceful!

Photo ho’ing with members of the Faggot Community……











On Kenny

p/s: This is by far the longest entry I’ve ever posted. Can die ok. I’m off to bed now. Goodnight!

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