Aloe adventure.

I stole my neighbour’s aloe vera plant.

It was tough.

I waited for them to leave.

I was in my miniskirt, I had no time to change.

I balanced my feet, trying not to fall into the longkang.

I stuck the spade into the dirt and dug the plant out. It came out nicely.

I saw another neighbour peering over from her fence. It was embarrassing. But I pretended to be nonchalant.

I ran to my garden with the plant firmly in my hand. I was so excited.

I stuck the plant into an empty pot.

I poured newly bought dirt into in. Yes, I had plans from the beginning. I was prepared .

I compressed the dirt around the plant with my hands. What a satisfaction.

Then I realised the plant was not in the middle of the pot. I wanted to dig it out and position it again.

But shit, the neighbours came back. I ran back into the house. Dirty spade, muddy hands and all.

I watched solemnly from my windows, my aloe vera plant crushed to the side of the pot.

Fuck…I’m having bash jitters. This is worse than the prom.

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