Thanks all + ho’ing for a job.

Thank you guys for all the supportive words. I’m feeling much better now.

I succumbed to temptation and followed Mrs. Low to do some shopping. Fortunately, days of junk food prevented me from purchasing anything slutty nice. Instead I bought a pair of faux gold earrings. Mrs. Low got a pair of oriental design wedges (so cute!!!) and some bigass shell necklace. Of course, by proxy, they’re mine too, hehehe. She suggested we hit the malls again next week. No objection.

After Friday, I’ll be officially on holidays till early September. I think it’s sensible to look for a job. I know chances are slim but if anyone of you reading here knows of a vacancy in KL or PJ, do give me a holler. I’m keen on marketing, event management, business consultation & research and writing. Actually, just drop me a line if there’s any vacancy at all. Thanks peeps! Think I should update my CV too. I even have stuff dating back to my days as a cashier girl in my Dad’s short-lived restaurant. So juvenile :P

Hitting the books now. Wish me luck tomorrow! Hugs and kisses.

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