Prelude to a very long night sleep.

Wow. I’ve been awake for 40 hours. Going to hit the sack right after I finish blogging. But I don’t feel tired. Weird. I’m having an intense craving for yaucharkuey and black coffee. My boobies hurt like shit but I’m not bleeding yet. Arghhh.

I’m submitting two entries for the logo contest. One is a painting (which btw is still ugly as fuck) whereas the other was made with Font Creator and Paint (done in 1/2 hour but looks way better). Going to post the pictures up after the deadline.

Just discovered 3 overdue library books. I’ve completely forgotten about them. Gasp. 3 freaking weeks…bubye to the last note in my purse.

I’ve come to realise that both my brothers are a tad too talented in spoilling every bloody thing that feeds on batteries.

On a sad note, my Mom’s cousin sister gave birth to a stillborn :( She almost died too and had to undergo hysterectomy. She’s barely 35. Sigh.

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