Getting it off my chest.

I’m supposed to be freaking out over my papers now, but as usual I can’t help but be permeated by insignificant thoughts. So, brace yourself, boring post ahead. Kim needs to do some regurgitating.

Kids who try to be all sophisticated and mature. I can’t stand them. Why? Cause I can see right through them and I have their psyche at the tip of my finger. I confess, I was one of those kids, I dressed up like a 40 yr when I was barely 16 (actually I still kinda do, but at least it’s no more on purpose). Took a bus to Coffeebean so I could sip fumigated coffee while flipping through imported magazines that I couldn’t afford. Spoke with flawless grammar and gave every word a thought before I uttered it. Read business journals eventhough I didn’t know fuck.

Circa 1999. I still had puppy fat, omg!

It was nice for a while, until it hit me. That whatever I do, I would never be able to match up to people who have truly experienced life. That my life’s turning into a chore. I realised that despite the apparent attention bestowed, they could see right through me as how I can see right through them kids now. It was a revelation. I made a silent vow to rekindle friendships and experience things that I’ve missed out on. And I haven’t been happier since.

Then there are those who are hopeless backstabbers and gossipmongers. Not to forget, the ones suffering from inferiority complex so severe that they can’t help but to bad mouth others in order to redeem themselves. Sometimes, I’m glad I’ve had encountered those people. For without them, today I wouldn’t be able to sniff any out and keep my distance.

Oh, and I definitely can’t tolerate people who can’t take a bloody joke. Like please, I’m not even cussing your parents! I thought I’ve seen the zenith, but imagine my horror when I encountered a supposedly smart person who got all worked up over a monkey joke. I pondered it over and I figured it’s probably due to jealousy. That I’m smart and pretty vs she, smart and ugly. ROTFLOL. Before you judge me, that was a joke :)

Humility goes a long way, even if you fake it.
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