I think I’m screwed and my Sunday.

It’s tough to title your post and I shall stop attempting to be creative.

It’s Monday and I am definitely going to class today. So last week I didn’t attend any cause I was lazy. Then again, the college was to be blamed cause the timetable wasn’t promptly uploaded to the website, hence I was ‘unaware’ of classes.

1.Yeah, milk out any excuse to stay out of trouble.
2.Chuck in a couple of harrassment material emails and there you have it, a convincing cover-up.

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga

It means as skillful a hopper a squirrel is, alas it falls onto ground too. Yeah, I bloody fucked it. Thought I’d add a little drama to it and c.c-ed all the emails to the CEO, directors and my dean. All’s well until I received the latest timetable and found that one of my lecturers is none other than the pretentious, fake-accented and selfish Dean. I’m officially screwed but it’s far from orgasm worthy. Tell me people, how to convincingly redeem myself in the face of an embarassesed (and very likely pissed after an untimely lash-out by the CEO and directors) bourgeois? *pway*

Moving on, I had a good Sunday. First, I had to be waken up by a phonecall from Yuen Li. Here I extend my apologies to Yuen Li (intellectual), Buaya (dirty-brained but all good) and SL (cultured, hot chica) for being so late (arriving exactly 1.5 hours later :C). Yes, I deserved to be shot and shot twice again.

It was my 1st offical blogger meetup and I wasn’t dissappointed. Loads of raunchy Bukit Kayu Hitam stories; what else do you need?

We bade goodbyes and I headed to Sungai Wang with G. Been ages since I’ve been to the, I dare say, the heart of KL, and it was fun. Superb quality DVDs, three for RM10….where else, where else but Sungai Wang? Loads of shopping followed. Star event however, was taking sticker photos. Do abide by the warning and ask for help cause all the bloody machines are in Japs. Have you ever tried to catch a chicken but there are so many around that you just couldn’t begin to decide which to run after? That’s almost how it felt like. Fucking lost. Surprisingly, the pictures turned out quite prettily.

Dinner at Misai. Had a Ramli burger. Fuck it. Fuck diets.

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