Shopping log and misestimation.

Haven’t done much lately except for shopping, shopping and shopping. That kind of left me with nothing to talk about except my acquired goodies. I had of loads fun photoshopping my parquet floor….now they look better than some unbelievably tacky wedding photo backdrops (at least I think so).

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve bought for Chinese New Year.

Traditional top & peach pedal pusher.

Tiger top & ripped skirt.

Maroon keyhole top & old jeans.

Rip-off vintage-ish Mickey top (check out the the real McCoy) & sequinned denim skirt.

Embroidered top and tie-dyed skirt.

By the way, have you noticed? There’s a subliminal message somewhere. Look intently…concentrate. Found it yet? No? Answer’s at the end of this post.


Cornflake nibbles have gone horribly wrong. It’s sickeningly sweet. My bad. I was the one who asked Mom to pour the whole freakin’ bucket of honey into the mixture (the last time she made them was 20+ years ago so she has forgotten ratio ). Tried to amend with flour but to no avail.

And the worst thing is, we have 5 jars of them…


The subliminal message is…

My poonani smells like flower.

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