Without work or school, it’s almost stressful to post a single entry for Narcissism is Necessary. It’s getting so bad, I was beginning to toy with the idea of writing about Mom’s pride and joy – her fake plants. I had even taken pictures of them. This is what happen to people, you get carried away and before you know it, you are writing about plastic peonies, enthusiastically.

Nah. Not that desperate yet. But heh, I can’t resist.

This afternoon, while trying to crap, I came to realise that my youngest Aunt is old. 12+12+12 (she’s born in the rooster year) = 36 years old. Oh my gawd. Hit me like a brick. She’s old. That means I’m getting old too. Fucking scary. And then I thought of something to add to my list of resolutions – will not allow chronological age to restrict life. This reminds me of a recent incident.

The other day, while shopping with Mom, the bra lady kept addressing her as my sister. Mom was wearing a flowing sleeveless white dress. She’s hot. So anyway, it got tiring for a while so I corrected the lady about my true relationship with Mom. Needless to say she was shocked and impressed at the same time. Later she whispered to me, “I thought it’s your pregnant sister, your mom does look really young….when is she giving birth?”. I related it to Mom.

Mom taught me something that day. As long as you look 15 years younger, it doesn’t matter whether you look pregnant or not.

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