Wardrobe malfunction.

Finally rekindled my neglected relationship with Thai Club. Really packed, but fun nevertheless. The star event wasn’t clubbing itself though. It’s my brush with fame ala (almost) Janet Jackson.

The strap of my dress popped even before I entered the club. Damn panic, I tell you. At first Jayn and I ran to a hotel and asked for paper clips. It worked for a while until I lifted my arms and it popped again. Then we thought of something smart; just leaving it that way. It worked. Precious. Should have thought of it earlier.

How it Popped

The Solution

My very first wardrobe malfunction happened at Bar Savanh. The strap of my top popped. Ran to Sheraton Imperial and got safety pins from the housekeeping. Phew. Have to consider myself lucky that these unfortunate incidents happened when I’m actually wearing bra instead of nippie tapes. I mean like if it’s desperate scenario, I could always pretend to deliberately wear lingerie on the outside.

Why does my strap always pop?

Is it because being a prudent shopper I have ignored the quality of my purchase?

Actually, I know….I have heavy b00bs. For sure.

So, have you ever been caught in a similar situation?

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