CNY rocks.

Alright! With a heavy heart, am going to give Thai Club a miss tonight. Boohoo. Why? Cause I ate like two plates of waxed duck rice (dad made them and they were GREAT) at around 4pm. Couldn’t possibly fit into my slutty top without some pauch showing. Tried to suck in my gut but argh my mood’s already fucked so psychological pauch would still haunt me. Thai Club scratched…will hit Station One instead. Nam Yee fried chicken and tom yam noodle here I come. Had Mcdonald’s for dinner. Hehehehehehehe.

My car’s stranded in pasar malam (read: night market). Can’t move it. Hopefully by 10pm they will disperse and I’ll get to move my car. Otherwise my dear, you would have to come fetch me, or request your better half to do so.

I received an sms from Suan. It said that Penang Bridge had collapsed with hundreds missing, injured and dead. Family and I, who were going out for McD, got back inside the house, switched on TV and watched for 10 whole minutes. Hong Kong cheesy kungfu flick. No breaking news. No announcement whatsoever. Nada. Felt weird. Grabbed phone and read text again. Scrolled down, “….and one individual being tricked. Hehehehehe“. Come to think of it, it’s indeed a scary realisation of the impact it might have on me and fellow Malaysians say some shit of that magnitude did happen.

Chinese New Year is approaching. Mom’s already cultivating them narcissus bulbs or “ngaku” as the locals know them (will post pictures). Notice the name in english? I’m going to declare narcissus as my favourite plant of all time. Besides being a lovely plant, the bulbs could be sliced thinly and fried – believe me, they’re better than potatoes.

Narcissus bulb plant

In my family, on first day of CNY, everyone will congregate at my neighbour’s house (who is also my granduncle). Everyone will be immaculately dressed – in spite of the dizzying humidity. We will OD on basically everything from gossips to mahjong to food to cheesy tv shows. We kids (read: unmarried folks) will stalk every married individual for angpows or red packets. The fun last way into the night at which point some of us may produce stashed/hidden firecrackers, wrapping up the night with a bang.


The next day, everyone will gather again. This time, we will form some sort of convoy, travelling from house to house. I absolutely dig this part of CNY. More angpows, gambling, sightseeing and food!!!

On the third day, me and family will travel back to Mentakab to visit my maternal granny. I love this too cause I’ll get to munch on freshly picked mangoes, dig for sweet potatoes and tapioca, chew sugarcanes, gorge on traditional hakka food and loads more. Speaking of which, Granny thinks that all urbanites are streetdumb and will never fail to invite us kids to her rubber estate for an ‘educational’ trip on what do the trees look like and how rubber is made (every single visit!!!!). I don’t like that part, cause I’m shit scared of cobras (although I wouldn’t mind eating them). Oh and yes, get to see all my cousins too and win their angpow money. Hehehehe. On the way back to KL, we might also stay a night at Genting Highlands or Awana. By the way, there’s this pool slide in Awana which is absolutely freaky.

Gawd, I can hardly wait. Better concentrate on shopping for CNY clothes 1st. Another CNY perk, hehehe.

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