Melting pot of feelings.

At last, I’ve hauled my arse around to finish both Bridget Jone’s books. The first book was almost exactly the movie, which I reskon is the reason why the movie’s quite good. 2nd book was equally, if not more entertaning (always love a book which could drive you to shedding tears of emotions). The movie sequel is completely different from the book, what a major mistake. Am imagining how great the movie might be if only they had done it more similar to the book. On the other hand, I like the fact that Daniel Cleaver wasn’t reduced to some demoted bastard as in the book. Hugh Grant rocks (I’ll forgive his debacle with Miss Brown).

Just gotten myself another job next week. Not particularly excited about working but work will start at 11.30am…awesome. Can drive to work in style without permanent frown because of the damn traffic. Probably could score another hotel buffet but I think this hotel stinks to high heaven so hopes won’t be high. Hrm, why start at 11.30am though….is that a stance to deprive me of a potential fantastic lunch?

I miss Thai Club. Saw Jayn‘s blog and felt a sense of failure. How can I claim that I love Thai Club when I haven’t stepped inside for more than a month? Don’t want to be one of those people who say they ‘love’ something after just one forgettable experience. Arghhh. Must do some relationship healing.

My diet’s completely ruined. People are just throwing food at me from every bloody angle. Yesterday, mom successfully destroyed my willpower by buying me some huge ass mamak rice and two bags of resam. Yeah, I devoured everything. Bad Kim, bad!!!! Did some 20mins of hula hooping after that, but to no avail. Spare tyre has decided to be friendlier this time around.

Speaking of which, I’m fucking hungry now. Want to eat. Don’t know what to eat. Want to eat everything. Must be hormones.

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