All in a day.

Tutu asked me to fill in for someone at Citibank as some coordinator. Yesterday was my 1st day and it was both bad and good. Bad because there was hardly work (if you called staring at the screen at 20 mins interval for 8 hours as work). Good, because my colleagues are really easygoing and nice people. I took the LRT to work and it was horrendous. I got lost at Masjid Jamek cause I couldn’t find the fucking transit station. I almost got mowed down trying to get to the other side where the station is. I honestly thought there’s a connecting bridge or something (I think there’s a tunnel, but it’s fucking misleading). One thing that I don’t comprehend…why do people ascending have to hike up the stairs and the ones descending get to do it in style with escalators? Amused and bemused at the same time.

Lesson number 1: killer heels do kill.

I had TGIF last night. Confession time, it’s my first time. Yeah I’m ulu like that. I’m a Chilli’s fan ok? Anyway, this someone was like totally taken aback upon hearing I’ve never eaten there and decided to give me a treat. We shared philly sandwiches, swiss mushroom burger and a sundae. Dessert was orgasmic.

Wasabi peas have probably aggravated my cold. Aside from a drooling nose and aching body, I got myself a bad sorethroat. Awesome. I’m going to have more wasabi peas.

This morning I called in sick. Tutu found a replacement. I got fired!!!!

*PINCH* Tutu

I’m back in the job market.

I’m watching Shaolin Kungfu tonight. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t care if I infected the whole stadium. Shaolin’s cool.

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