Malaysia’s Form Four Kids, You’ve Been Punk’d.

I was replying to the comments at my xanga blog when I decided to blog this. It’s been bugging me for years so to speak so here goes.

I’m not even sure whether this issue has ever been discussed. It just seems really odd to me that I’ve never heard of anyone talking about it, not even a whisper. I came to realise that what I was studying in secondary school were suspiciously inaccurate when I caught a glimpse of some ad for a documentary on Discovery Channel – Hoaxes of the Century or something, I can’t remember. In which I saw a familiar picture.

Of course it’s familiar, I’d been mugging it for months in preparation for SPM. The Tasaday Hoax, part of Malaysia’s secondary school syllabus for fourth formers.

Sejarah Peradaban Dunia, Tingkatan 4 (p. 2)

According to the site, the hoax was discovered around 1986. The year of publication of my textbook is 1999. I’m not sure whether the textbook has been updated now and I doubt it has. 3 boos for ignorance. Boo Boo Boo.


Johan, K., Yahaya, M.H., Ahmad, M.T.Q., and Zubir, R., 1999. Sejarah Peradaban Dunia: Tingkatan 4. 9th Edition. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka: Kuala Lumpur.

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