I jumped onto the bandwagon. I watched Alexander. It was goddamn long. It finished at I love Troy better. Collin Farrel looks permanently constipated. Angelina Jolie’s is about the only hot chica. The rest either look bapok-fied or like under-developed boys. I thought in ancient world, curves were revered. Oh well, maybe I was just being naive – skinny has always been trendy, even 2400 years ago!

The movie did not once mention he’s a Moslem. Oh my…you mean our history textbooks have been lying to us? Eii, but it’s just a typical whitewash movie. Okay, so I will continue to believe that Alexander was a devout moslem eventhough the religion only came about like what….1000 years after the Great died. Bah!

There were some ahbengs behind us who kept yakking throughtout the movie. They were like (in crass cantonese), “Who’s Ptolemy?”, “Who’s this old junk?” (whenever he’s on screen), “Eee gay! gay!” (whenever the Great and Hephaistion (or Bagoas) gives each other the CFM look), “KAKAKAKA” (when the Great’s new wife asked him whether he loved Hephaistion with the most hideous, over the top expression) and the likes.

I made this nai shu spread yesterday cause I was so bored. I haven’t actually tasted it with toasts yet, but it was good on its own. I was nicking it throughout. Hehehe.

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