Third time lucky.

My paper is pushing 400+ words. That’s like awesome, considering there’s one more day to deadline. I’m so proud of myself *beam*.

I was so so so craving for sour cream to go with murukku. Sorry no sour cream in the house, so I improvised. Mayo + lime juice with a dash of salt.’s not bad at all *grins*.

I’m so happy. But the day was slightly affected by the Ex. He IM-ed me to. Revelation number one: I dated a coward who thinks he knows everything. I’m not sad, just fucking pissed. Solution: MSN block.

Everything happens for a reason. Without sadness, one wouldn’t appreciate the good…*tergendala*

Nicklaus my 13 yr old kid brother is peering from outside my door.

Brat : Jie..wanna supper?

Me : Hrmmm *calculating caloric content of murukku + mayo* OK!

Brat : Yay!

So yeah, I’ve just finished a Ramli hotdog and wantanmee. Oh and I don’t feel the slightest guilt. Cause these calories will be expended soon.

*Continuation* Yeah, so without the bad you wouldn’t see the good. Without the bad, you wouldn’t learn what you really want or how to treat others. Okay, I’m just regurgitating what I’m thinking. Too lazy to articulate my feelings. You know what I mean *hugs*.

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