Merry Monday.

Good morning, everyone. Isn’t it rare to wake up feeling good on a Monday morning? I’m looking forward to the day. Class is not until 2pm so I have some time to catch up on Business Accounting. Boy, I think I’ve missed loads, courtesy of my allergy to Monday’s classes. Hehehe.

This is my final week of classes before the study break starts. Then it’s finals and 3 months of holidays (Yay!). How time passes! The notion that time heals is definitely true in my case. As at today (or really a little over a week ago), I’m feeling like a new person. My spirit has been rejuvenated, I feel young, appreciated, needed and loved.

Anyway, back to what I’ve been doing. Steamboat on Saturday with Tutu and the gang was awesome. It’s always wonderful to go out with people that you adore and I look forward to many more. Tried to upload the picture of the steaming boat but is down.Well, maybe later. It’s a delicious sight thanks to Tutu’s flair in arranging the food.

What should I have for breakfast. I’m thinking toasted cheese sandwich with raisins. Good breakfast on a Monday, all I need is company *Hugs*.

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