Things are falling into place.

A conversation transpired this morning…

BabyJaYnz~ Transient Insomnia! says:

oOh got got..i paid 30 bucks for the 2 glass of sky juice outside thai wahahha

sunny^kimberly says:


sunny^kimberly says:

no fuck

sunny^kimberly says:

you paid for sky juice??

BabyJaYnz~ Transient Insomnia! says:

hahahah KIDDING!!!

BabyJaYnz~ Transient Insomnia! says:


sunny^kimberly says:


sunny^kimberly says:

you drunk bitch u never know what u’d do man!

sunny^kimberly says:

can i write this in my blog?

BabyJaYnz~ Transient Insomnia! says:

haahhah!!! not a problem at all!! haha

BabyJaYnz~ Transient Insomnia! says:

after its nothing but the truth!!

sunny^kimberly says:

you’re still drunk

It was fun. But as usual, I KO after one beer. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, but I can’t drink! I’m starting to believe I’m allergic to alcohol. Took loads of pictures. Met another Kim. Embarassed myself by having sex with a stool. Etc.

The girls – me, Munzter, Jayna and another Kim.

The Munz.

Me and the accomplice.

Prior to having sex with the stool. Yeah, I grin when I’m horny.

The family – Alex (Cousin-In-Law to be), Munzter (Cousin to be married) and Jayna (Cousin)

Kim and Kim

Tequila shot session. No I didn’t participate. That’s Sam in the middle.

Alright…I don’t know their names…but I do know them!

We adjourned to infamous Cheras’s teenage hangout spot, Station One, for supper. Nam Yee fried chicken and otak-otak washed down with hot lemon tea. This is life!

Got home, found my ID and driving license missing. Thoughts of stinky government offices, corrupted cops and endless red tape filled my mind. Got a little sad but too tired to bother. Found them in the car this morning. Phew. I love my life and you.

Steamboat with Tutu and the folks tonight. Aiya….still no decision made. Klang or Puchong or Cheras?

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