I’m going back to pirated VCDs.

Ah Wing and I watched The Shark’s Tale today. It was not as funny as Finding Nemo but worth the money nevertheless. Intended to catch The Grudge but we were late.

Stupid GSC Mid Valley didn’t allow us to bring in one McD milkshake and fries even when we’ve bought food from its disgusting snack joint. They asked us to leave our food in its dingy locker. That must be the most absurdly stupid thing ever.

I understand that if they hadn’t forbade anyone from bringing in outside food, its disgusting snack joint would have gone out of business in no time cause well, it’s disgusting. But the thing was, we did buy substancial amount of food from its disgusting snack joint so why wouldn’t they allow us to enjoy McD in peace? I mean, GSC’s initial economic objective has been satisfied anyway, so why the brouhaha? Unless we were attempting to bring in only shitload of food from other obviously more super duper delicious eateries in then yeah, throw us out if you want to (mind you but with a refund).

The other outrageously stupid thing was there were only two pathetically small notices of their pathetic rule; one at the entrance to the cinema and another inside the cinema. For your information, ticket counter is located away from the cinema so yes, by the time you have bought your tickets and your strictly forbidden ‘outside food’ it would have been too late. Ah Wing argued that point with him. However, the very smooth, suave and smart (nottttttt) GSC’s manager insisted that you either finish the food outside or stuff them in their bacterias laden lockers. Stupid martherfarker. Come to think of it we should have asked for a refund then and there.

Ah Wing asked for manager’s and his equally idiotic usher’s names, chuck the McD into a garbage box and we proceeded to watch the movie. Props to Ah Wing for being so man.

What do you know, stupidity is incomprehensible.

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