Single at 30.

I’ve gotten my first usher-to-coupledom from maternal granny. Funny shit. Get a boy dear, get one and go out on dates. Don’t worry about being commited, you’re too young but you have to meet some boys! You’re TWENTY already. What would happen when you’re 30???

Mom’s retort: Yeah, don’t even think of staying with me if you’re still single at 30.

Yours truly: Don’t worry. I’ll move far far far away as soon as I graduate.

Granny and mom: >_<

The funny thing is I can’t wait to be married. I’m totally on the marriage thing. I hate dating. It’s a pain. It’s tiring. It’s boring. Lets date for a week, have fabulous sex and if we like each other, tie the knot. Give me a holler if you’re a male, single, >30, no hang ups about the past, hygenic, tall, healthy, well mannered and genuine.

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