Skipping class is a sin. Read to find out why.

Got RM170 in cash for the focus group discussion. Yay! It was fun. And there were food hehehe. Nice. I’d do it again anytime.

I’ve gotten hair extensions. Impromptu decision. I like them very much. So it’s fair to say now I’m more funky than dorky now.

Bought a black tube top at a steal. Must finish assignment by Thursday. I need to dance. I need to gyrate my hips. I need to feel sensual. Zouk beckons.

Ever been summoned for jaywalking? Well, I did. I was crossing the road from Sungai Wang to Lot 10 and I got summoned for RM50 (unofficial amount lah!). Damn buggers. I told them I will not pay them, I’ll appeal at the police station. There goes their corrupted income. Nak gertak aku? Pirah organisma tak berguna. Bulan Ramadan ye? Mana niat nak pahala tu? Oh I get it…..they’re willing to accept bribes for my sake so that I won’t need to pay RM500 and hence they’d get celestial brownie point for that. MCB. May your buttocks rot in hell. Yeah, I’m feeling righteous. For fuck’s sake, jaybloodywalking!?

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