Tea Issue.

You know what, this morning I got yelled at by Mom cause I drank her tea. Yes, you hear me. I DRANK HER TEA (some detox tea, actually). What the fuck? Apparently, she had brewed it overnight so that she could drink it 1st thing in the morning. But nada notice from her. At 3am in the morning I thought it was a mug of tea waiting to turn into a bacterial pond, so I gulped it down and washed the mug. So much for being a help around the house. At 9am she banged my door like a dinosaur trying to murder me and shouted profanities at me. Truly, I’m traumatised and eternally scarred by the whole incident. My day was so ruined, I decided to stay in bed the whole fucking day (not without random emergency trips to the loo though) and yes, I just woke up. Sometimes, I’m amazed at the kind of rage my Mom could pull off.

Sweet like an angel one minute, crazymadass murderer the next. Be patient, Kim. It’s only a year more to go. One more freakin’ year and you’re out of here. Yes, I’m going to move away even if it means washing dishes at the other end of the earth.

When I was 10, I wanted to moved to another town.

Now 20, I want to move to another country.

7 thoughts on “Tea Issue.”

  1. Maybe it’s like this with all mothers. My mom threatened to disown me when I told her I wanted a tattoo. At first that scared me, but now that I’m older I found out she pulls out the disown card everytime it looks like I’m doing something she doesn’t like, eg drive too fast, eat too much sakema, hit my bro, and sing too loudly in the bathroom.

    Thankfully for me she’s not much of a tea fan. :)

  2. there there. *hugs kimberlcun aka take advantage* ;) so now you learnt another thing for your “how not to react when I am a mother” book. ;)

  3. Well, can’t choose your mother, can you? If she could handle her temper better, she would be perfect. But nobody’s perfect, so ain’t going to hold it against her. I’m not that wonderful a daughter anyway Hahahahaha.

  4. aiks buaya? potong line nampak :P kekeekeke..just kidding.

    heh, mom’s always have that uncanny ability to transform herself from a noble peace prize award winner to something like all the japanese anime monsters all rolled into one :P

    Cheers!!! :D

  5. I know its not a very asian thing but there’s alot of merit in moving out of home the minute you hit 18. As for where to move out to. Ever thought about Melbourne Australia? OK i’m abit biased but i do think that Melbourne is the greatest city. Its not called the most liveable city without good reason. :)

  6. Hehe nagging mothers that plays the disownment card is easier to deal with, it’s the actress, drown you with sympathy and subtle hinting that tugs at your heart that are hard to say no to:) A friend of mine can easily be emotionally blackmailed by her grandma no less “Ah boy ayoh my knees aching to day, walking with the grocery to the car so far away, can you be a dear and help drive me to the market and then wait while I shop and then later help me bring it up to the 6th floor (lift died already)” hehe :)

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