Wow…it seems ages since I last wrote here. None life-altering experience in the past week, just loads of fun.

Sunday night (that’s yesterday) – Jayna, me and the gang went to Zouk for Sunday Sundae, a gay/lesbian party. I thought I would bore to death with all the gorgeous men in the room who would never take a second glance at me but boy, was I wrong. It was so fun and we even met Chef Wan. He’s an awesome old man, dancing on the highest platform. He kept telling us he’s fifteen in spite of mock complaints about backaches. *LOL* We adjourned to Steven’s Corner where Jayna and I share a plate of mee goreng mata kerbau, cheese nan and spoonfuls of nasi lemak off her chum’s plate. This is life, hahahaha.

Saturday – Sports Carnival. Our netball team lost out to Staff and HMC team, which unable us to proceed to semi-finals. Sigh. I believe we played great, but the field was slippery, all our strongest players kept making unnatural splits, hence injuries. I had to sacrifice my nails but it’s okay, all of us played our best. I don’t know the actual results yet (cause we left early) but I think my department is overall champion since it won tennis, soccer, hockey and volleyball. Will check out the outcome today.

Friday night – We hit our usual hangout. The one and only Thai Club. I had fun but slightly disappointed that I wasn’t tipsy enough to stumble onstage for a chance to win a mobile phone. The games were quite scandalous and the male participants were fugly.

Thursday evening to late – So, I went out with him. He’s surprisingly nice this time. We spent 2 solid hours just chatting.

I love my life, my friends and my family. They could be psycho-sapiens at times but yeah, I’m a psychobitch most of the time and they actually put up with me. Hahaha.

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