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Below average day.

Almost made the stupidest mistake of my life. Okay, there were worse mistakes, but this one would definitely have me crying till my eyes go blind. Just in time, phew. There will be no more negative thoughts, no more doubts, no more suspicions. SNAGs are probably impotent anyway. So Kim, appreciate what you have!

Had chicken ham sandwich and yogurt drink for breakfast. While on the way home, couldn’t help but tarpao curry laksa. Fried pork skin, cockels, yongtaufu and wantanmee in piping hot curry gravy. Guilty pleasure.

My room is a mess. Clothes strewn all over the floor. I can’t figure out which one I have worn and not. Worse comes to worst, I’ll dump everything into the washing machine. And brace myself for a week’s worth of nagging.

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No reason.

Two times in a row braving through the horrendous traffic for no reason.

Yesterday, I went to gym at 8am only to discover it did not open until 10am. So, I drove back and walked to the market instead as exercise. I didn’t even sweat.

This morning I drove to college to discover that it’s Orientation Day. I did not need orientating.

I might work at Matta Fair dolling up as a pseudo Thai. That calls for some dieting. Apparently, the costume is pretty revealing.

I think I might just be a little too caught up with relationship issues. I almost feel like a lame sheep. It’s time to spend more time with myself.

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A subtle, albeit cruel punishment.

No dimension. No implication. No impression. No sound. This is the waiting game. In my opinion, a wicked form of abuse to be inflicted on another human being.

Prisoners are made to wait. Patients recuperating are made to wait. So are kins of tragedy victims. And lovers.

Waiting is omnipresent. The chain must be broken. We must not make another waits. We must be responsible and reliable.

Call me, fucker.

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