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Look what’s cooking………..

pork knuckles! pork knuckles! pork knuckles!

That’s my Dad’s work, a homemade version of what I usually gorge myself with during bakkutteh sessions.

Mom’s pissed because the kitchen walls are splattered with dark gravy (not really, I think she’s imagining them). Sigh…some women. Shouldn’t they be a more appreciative when the men cook?

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Mundane day.

Manicure/Pedicure to pamper myself considering the traumatic event I went through last night. My brother kept wailing and startled me a couple of times. Took me almost 4 freaking hours.

His calls always make my day and this afternoon he rung me. Everything seems nicer after that.

I’m itching to go out now. Waiting for someone to call me but I reckon he’s going to blow me off.

Mom’s away. Dad’s on a power trip. *Yawns*

I’m menstruating and it sucks.

I’m hungry.

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When prudency backlashes on you.

I couldn’t get up and go to class. My tummy felt like imploding. I hate missing his classes because he’s such a wonderful lecturer.

I got conned into purchasing those RedTonez telephony cards. Apparently it works for all mobile service providers and the credits last for 1.5 years. I thought it would be hell cool not to upload credits in my life ever again, whats more being bullied by mega shithead Maxis. Sure enough I got registered and FORTUNATELY, I only bought RM10. It turned out that those credits are not added to Maxis credits. Hence, if Maxis credits were finished, I still have to buy them in order to keep my number active. That’s bummer number one. Secondly, the fuck of it….I have to misscall a certain number, wait for it to call me back, and then punch the numbers that I want to call to. Which loosely translates into loads of time wasted and a fucking awesome memory.

Can’t believe I got conned.

I’m broke as usual, but the condition has spiralled out of control. I desperately need a job. I’m available from Friday to Sunday and willing to work within PJ and KL. I’m a competent worker and you won’t go wrong hiring me. I can do anything from mundane admin work to selling smile in a skimpy dress. All I need is a good/fair pay and I will sell my soul for you.

Email me at

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