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Typical output of a collge girl.

++ london rendezvous ++

venue : tropicana golf and country resort

date : 15 october 2004

time : 7pm

dresscode : formal

tickets : rm65 per head, rm600 per table

for more information or to purchase tickets, mail me at

***Psst…heard that either Jien or some hotshot 8TV personality will do the emceeing!

Day was pretty cool. He called this morning while I was in the midst of texting him. Don’t you just love those telepathic-itsy moments? I know I do. We don’t text or call each other so much nowadays and I have to say it’s for the better.

Renewed my library cards and borrowed 3 books. I feel empowered today! I’m planning to score distinctions for all subjects this semester and qualify for next year’s scholarship. Yeah, I’m making it happen.

Loreal e-strat is on and the name list is still empty. I will put my name on it first thing in the morning. Maybe I could learn some stuff for my assignment.

I’m still fat. I need to be slim enough to slip into a tube by this end of the week. Yeah, I’m going vegetarian starting from now on.

Netball trainning’s on tomorrow. I’m just going to cheer my mates on. Why? See manicure post below. Sports Carnival is on this weekend and I’m just going to be a reserved player (read: spectator), cause I’m such a lazy ass. I hope nobody konks out.

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Look what’s cooking………..

pork knuckles! pork knuckles! pork knuckles!

That’s my Dad’s work, a homemade version of what I usually gorge myself with during bakkutteh sessions.

Mom’s pissed because the kitchen walls are splattered with dark gravy (not really, I think she’s imagining them). Sigh…some women. Shouldn’t they be a more appreciative when the men cook?

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Mundane day.

Manicure/Pedicure to pamper myself considering the traumatic event I went through last night. My brother kept wailing and startled me a couple of times. Took me almost 4 freaking hours.

His calls always make my day and this afternoon he rung me. Everything seems nicer after that.

I’m itching to go out now. Waiting for someone to call me but I reckon he’s going to blow me off.

Mom’s away. Dad’s on a power trip. *Yawns*

I’m menstruating and it sucks.

I’m hungry.

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