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Why I enjoy using UBER Malaysia

I didn’t have a good start with uber. Downloaded the app last year and was playing with it when it suddenly sent me a car hahaha. I had to email them to cancel the trip and they were very accommodating.

In hindsight, it was probably user problem but it did put me off from using it. I happily stuck with MyTeksi whenever I needed a taxi, which I had experienced no problems with other than some pretty old taxis.

Fast forward to this year, husband has been raving about uber as he uses it whenever he goes to places he knows he’s going to drink. He’s been praising the vehicle quality, the pleasant drivers and the superb customer service by uber (ie: refunding partial fare if driver took a longer unnecessary route etc).

So recently, I decided to give uber another go. The app is far more user friendly than I remember (maybe I have gotten smarter? lol) and it was a breeze to get a car.

I wanted uberX which was the cheapest option but there wasn’t any car available so I chose uberBLACK and applied the recent Ramadan promo “MYUBERRAMADAN” which offers free ride up to RM25 each between 4pm and 9pm daily until June 30.

So my driver came and picked me up in a brand new Teana and it was a really nice experience. My driver opened door for me and it was appreciated as I was baby wearing Liam. He was chatty but not annoying and I enjoyed conversing with him about kids. He told he me he enjoyed his job as an uber driver and it’s just overrall a really pleasant and positive experience.

I would gladly pay RM45 for the uberBLACK service as it’s quite a distance, but with the promo it was a proper steal!!

Anyway, I used uber again to meet Gareth at 1MK mall and this time I managed to get an uberX car. It’s a brand new KIA Cerato and I was happy with it. I was surprised to find that the ramadan promo code was still valid it was automatically applied to my fare so I ended up paying less than RM2 from Sri Damansara to Mont Kiara!!! Somemore I was so kiam I used the “fare split” feature with Gareth so he could pay half my fare but turned out I didn’t need to. Hahahaha.

Want to laugh when I see RM0.59 charged to my card LOL

Needless to say, I am an uber convert now!

Anyway, if you haven’t used uber before, please give it a go! You can sign up for a free trip up to RM20 HERE.

If you have already downloaded the app, you can also apply my promocode to get up to RM20 free for your first uber ride:


I can’t wait to use it more often to go to the city and places with not so great parking. It’s such a great service and I can’t rave enough about it. BTW, this is not an advertorial!

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Our first family getaway.

I don’t remember the last time I actually did something on my laptop. Seated down and taking my sweet time typing something out.

If you’re reading this post, it means I have actually managed to blog properly!

I was very determined, because I needed to do some research on Liam’s first birthday party. If you have forgotten who Liam is, well he’s my 10 month old son.

So I nursed him in bed till he fell asleep and slowly ninja-ed out from beneath him.

Put baby to nap – DONE!

So lets get to what I’m really here for. Our first family vacation to….. deng deng deng Cherating! Hehe.

We obviously started with an easy one.

Crap! Spoke too soon.

He has woken up from his nap -_-

So I am blogging with my phone now in bed while bub plays with his toy steering wheel.

He hasn’t gotten it right yet.

Bloody hell. Something is wrong with my blogging app, the photos keep going missing. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


So this was 3 days ago FML. This is my life now, a simple task takes forever to accomplish as I constantly get interrupted. I am not complaining, just stating a fact of my life. I love being a mommy to Liam. My love tank is full :)

So yes, back to our very first family vacation! It’s kind of like a belated mother’s day getaway, arranged by the husband. Thank you hubs!


Explored the balcony. With supervision eheh.

Went swimming.

Went to the beach.

Sat in the dirtiest baby chair ever that no amount of wet wipes could clean. Luckily we had towels in the car. He didn’t seem too bothered about it.

Ate a french fry for the first time (after I licked off all the salt hehe)

Walked on sand for the first time, and loving it.

Drank beer.

On the way back from Cherating, we popped by my granny’s so Liam could visit his maternal great grandmother.

Okay, it’s 1.30pm now I can hear the bub rousing from his sleep. Got to go! Hopefully not too long before I blog here again!

In the meantime, you can catch me on Dayre.

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My 10 #confessionsofamom

I have already posted this #confessionsofamom that has been going around on Dayre on my account. Thought I would replicate it here.

And so I have unceremoniously plagiarised my own content for this blog. Hehehehe.

1. I only give Liam a bath every 2 days since he was born. Coz his paed said it’s okay and I am far too lazy to do it everyday.

You should give me more baths mommy cause I love it!

2. I hardly feed Liam’s fresh food. I blitz them into mush and freeze them and just break off a piece whenever I cook his porridge.

Frozen vege mush.

3. Speaking of his food, Liam still hasn’t tasted meat or fish. I just squeeze oil out of fish oil pills or put a couple of teaspoons of coconut/olive oil into his porridge to compensate for the healthy fats :P

What do you mean I am a vegetarian!?

4. I have pretended to sleep till Gareth had to wake up to rock Liam to sleep when he was a newborn.

Haven’t always been this peaceful.

5. After he was born, I didn’t want to see Liam yet cause I wasn’t “feeling it” but husband forced me to cause he believes mom and child should meet immediately if not within 24 hours. I am glad he forced me.

6. Our walking path is on a small hill accessible by stairs at a distance. But am too lazy, so I just tread up the side of the hill to get to walking path, while wearing Liam.

What the hell mom? Use the damn stairs!!!!

7. I hate cutting Liam’s nails so I don’t do it very often. I wish I could let him wear mittens till he’s old enough to cut his own nails.

8. I don’t really read to Liam (coz he keeps trying to eat them books wtf) but I try to speak to him like an adult (no babytalk) to make up for his lack of hmm intellectual advantage.

9. I listen to really loud EDM even when baby’s around. I should probably chill on this.

10. Did a number 2 when Liam was 3 months old while baby wearing him.

Okay, I actually don’t have time to look for an accompanying picture for every confession. So, lets just end with this one:

You’ve been a very naughty mummy.

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