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My CNY dress is done + nekkid Liam

Finished sewing my Chinese New Year dress!

Decided not to hem the skirt for a more sporty, less matronly feel…you feel me? Haha.

Anyway, it has two pockets for all the angpows.

Starting on a top now. Working with knit fabric for the first time…so far so good.


This is the first floral wreath I painted back in November. Looks like a chicken with an open leg wound had walked all around it.

My second floral wreath, painted yesterday. It looks rather clumsy and contrived. Still a long way to go before I will be happy and I will get there! Have signed up for a brush lettering workshop next month, can’t wait!


Went to a two year old birthday party today. Liam was so drawn to the swimming pool so I took off his shoes and he dipped his feet straight away in the water.

Needless to say he got soaking wet so I took off his clothes and finally his diaper too.

So here he is all nekkid with the birthday girl. Sorry momma Ally for Liam’s unbecoming behaviour 😂

Happy birthday Princess A, may you always be happy and healthy! Thanks for having us at the beautiful party momma Ally + J!

Bonus picture of Liam devouring the delicious prawns and salsa basket.


Donald Trump is POTUS. How surreal!


So I had a sneezing fit after giving Liam a shower. After each sneeze, Liam repeatedly said, “Besss youuu”.

OMG my son has learnt to say “Bless you”. Sniffs.

Speaking of which, he also said “Tank giu” to the Nando’s waiter for picking up his Hot Wheel from the floor on Thursday without prompting from us. Felt so proud of him :)

He still requires constant prompting for his please and thank yous, but it’s okay Liam we will get there darling!

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Good food day with bonus Exploded diaper

Baked gluten-free/sugar-free/dairy-free banana muffins for my babies today. Used buckwheat flour for the first time…cool wheatflour substitute. We all enjoyed the muffins with some inflammatory butter + avocado spread hehe. 


Dinner was steak and roasted cauliflower with dairy-free mushroom & onion gravy (made with santan). So yummeh! There was not a drop of leftover, not even the gravy! 

Check out the husband’s clean plate and that enthusiasm on Liam’s face. The cook is pleased :) 


Made fresh chocolate ice-cream with my RM50 ice-cream maker from Tesco. Best buy ever! Only 4 ingredients; coconut milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup and a dash of whisky. 

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re looking at is gelatinous pee from an exploded diaper. Thank you gravity for this precious lesson! Never throw a full diaper down from the first floor. 

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Hello nobody.

Hello nobody.

I assume nobody is reading this space of mine anymore. That’s okay.

It is all about the microblogging and social medias now isn’t it? Well, not for me it’s not. Not this year anyway.

I’ve cut down on Facebook – curating my feeds to only contain positive and value adding updates, keeping only the joy-sparking stuff, to borrow a line from Marie Kondo’s famous book.

I have deleted Dayre from my phone (one of my favourite apps) because I want to consume with intent. “Consume with intent” – that’s the magic phrase, isn’t it? I am trying to pick up the pieces of my life and mindlessly reading about 100 other people’s daily happenings whether good or bad isn’t really going to help, is it?

I have kept Instagram though, because I can curate what I want to see on my feed – it’s now filled with crafts, beautiful things and sewing stuff.

So after all that, here I am. With my old blog. I am back here because I realise now with this space I don’t have to consume anything mindlessly, cause it’s all mine! I can share without fear of being inundated with for lack of better words, #firstworldproblems that frankly aren’t really amusing or interesting to me anymore. Not to say I’ve lost my sense of humour (maybe I have), but maybe my patience for non-issues have depleted so significantly that I’ve chosen to just not be in their paths.

It’s rather difficult to articulate what’s happening to me and Gareth but suffice to say that the loss of our babies last September has brought a (long time coming in fact) change to us.

Since it happened, we have been seeking ways to fill up the voids which means we have been occupying our time with Liam and various hobbies. We have also been somewhat obsessed with achieving our authentic lives – intellectually, physically and spiritually. Gareth has since lost over 20kgs, I am so proud of him. January hasn’t even ended and I’ve read 3 books. That’s 3 more than in the past few years put together! I am sewing more, painting more and currently trying to pick up yoga (thank you Youtube).

Pity that it took a tragedy to get us finally moving our butts but unfortunately that is what it took. Call these shifts a distraction for the mind if you’re cynical or silver linings if you’re a romantic but for us they are what feels right, right now.

Anyway, I think I will be writing here a lot more, mostly about Liam of course because I’m not done with documenting his developments.

Updates will be sporadic and casual unless I have something proper to share like a recipe, travel post or something.

Thanks nobody for reading. It’s only appropriate to end this update with a picture of my son quietly playing with his trains while I was writing this.

Happy new year.

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