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7 Reasons why I love Sharp’s Mite Catcher

Today I am going to talk about one of my favourite electrical appliances – the Mite Catcher from Sharp.

Yes, it’s a vacuum cleaner that not only sucks up dusts and dirts but also kills bed mites!

Do you know that mites thrive in our tropical environment? They feed on dead skin cells and can live up to 2 months. 80% – 90% of mites live in beddings….so yeah, many of us are sleeping with these disgusting creatures every night!

Here are my 8 reasons why I love the Mite Catcher.

1. Long cable.

The first thing I noticed about the Mite Catcher is its long cable. This provides a lot of manoeuvrability as I could just plug it into any wallpoint and use it without having to think about cord extension.

2. Powerful suction.

Absolutely incredible. Because of its technology, it never loses suction power unlike conventional vacuum cleaners. It could suck up dusts and mites even if there’s another layer of fabric in the way. As you can see in the picture, I didn’t even know where those dusts come from, I simply ran it across my bed and it’s managed to suck up so much dirt. Ewwwww!

3. Ergonomic and light.

The handle is ergonomic and even after vacuum-ing two beds, I didn’t feel much strain on my hands. Weighing at only 2.7kg, the Mite Catcher is also light enough to be used on hanging curtains!

4. Sleek and beautiful design.

Safe to say that it’s the only vacuum cleaner that I have no problem displaying in full view. It’s such a beautiful design, almost a work of art. It also comes with a matching stand.

5. Easy to clean.

It’s really fool proof to dispose the dusts. Everything is clearly labelled and even without reading the instruction manual, I did not have problem figuring it out!

6. It really KILLS bed mites.

The Mite Catcher has a feature called Heat Cyclone which heats air up to 40-60 degrees celcius and blows it onto beddings to dislodge mites. Following, the centrifugal airflow sucks them out, killing 99.99% of mites! It also equipped with Plasmacluster technology which helps to remove unpleasant odour and bacterial in the bed.

It’s really the first of its kind!

7. Great for the family health

Since we got the Mite Catcher, I feel like our quality of life has improved tremendously. For one we don’t seem to sneeze so much anymore while in bed. I credit it to the amazing Mite Catcher.

Thanks to the Mite Catcher, now I have peace of mind everytime I go to sleep knowing my bed is free from nasty creatures.

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Let’s say goodbye to allergies and icky creepy crawlies now!

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The Game of Throne that matters.

Yesterday morning, Liam who just turned 495 days old, woke up me up by whimpering like an orphaned kitten in between kicking me in the ribs. He seemed like he was having a nightmare, whimpering and kicking with his eyes closed.

I tried all the tricks in the book to comfort him, from shushing to massaging to singing to rocking, all to no avail. I also offered him my boob but he wouldn’t take it. I began to worry because normally he would gobble it up with no hesitation. 

I continued rubbing his back and belly but he remained very restless, arching his back and still whimpering. Finally, I brought him over to the guest room where it was warmer and applied yuyi oil on his belly. 

Brought him back to our bedroom yet he was still the same. I was at my wit’s end. By then he had already woken up so I decided to let him down onto the floor. 

He walked to his toy at first, then abandoned it and walked to one side of our bed. He held on to the edge with both hands and started making pushing sound.

Oh my gawd, my poor baby was trying to poop! I felt so lousy as I read his signs so poorly because it’s not his usual poop time. 

In fact at some point, I honestly thought I had fried his brains by letting him eat 3 pieces of Arnott’s Shapes the night before. I was so freaked out I kept saying to my husband, “NO MORE JUNK FOOD NO MORE JUNK FOOD” like a mad person.

Anyway, I picked my baby up and let him stand on our bed while I chanted “Hmm Hmmm hmmm hmmmm” to him. He pushed so hard until tears came streaming down his cheeks :(

I suspected constipation.

After a while, he seemed to have settled down so I cleaned him up. Lots of poop and I was vaguely satisfied looking at a pile of steaming crap. Am sure many parents can relate haha.

But not long after, Liam went back to being restless. I don’t know what possessed me, but I…..

…..took out the potty seat & plonked him on the toilet bowl. 

He seemed okay so I left him sitting there while I continued to chant “Hmm Hmmm”.  

After what seemed like an eternity, he suddenly cried and shifted his butt around. I went near him to make sure he wouldn’t fall off the toilet and he suddenly grabbed on to me and that was when I heard it.


The sound of what can only be described as ferocious airplane toilet flushing down.

My baby had just passed motion for the first time on the big boy’s throne!

I don’t think people with no kids will ever understand just how satisfying this milestone is hahaha. Imagine the possibilities from here onwards; potty trained!!!!! No more adding to the landfill with soiled diapers!!!!! No more changing icky diapers!!!!!

Liam finally fell back asleep with a peaceful look on his face after pushing that mothertrucker out of his poopshoot but it’s obvious that I am the happier person of the two of us.

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Liam’s belly button obsession.

Remember when I wrote about Liam blowing raspberries on my stomach in this post?

Now he is into sticking his index finger into my belly button hole and dig, dig, dig!!!

I have no idea what he is digging for but I am thinking of taping my belly button over with celophan tape to stop him from digging anymore FML

It’s funny but also so uncomfortable haha, I keep wriggling whenever he does that and that my body curving would lead to him unlatching. This makes nursing sessions so, so, so long!

I don’t have a picture of his finger in my belly button but here is one of him doodling his own belly button. Oh, Liam whyyyyy? Hahaha.

I suppose this is one of the contradictions of being a mom; love the long bonding sessions but also wish you have more time to run errand ahahaha

Well, my advice is don’t worry, just run with it and enjoy every second of breastfeeding!

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