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If you are not yet insured, please read this to the end.

Do you know that Malaysians are generally under-insured, which is a worrying trend?

I think it’s important, no, I think it’s compulsory for every single person to be insured. Most of us have an inflated sense of longevity when it comes to our lives, sometimes bordering on arrogance. But the truth it, circumstances do catch us when we least expect it.

Liam’s premature birth for instance. I would not have guessed that I would give birth to my son prematurely. I wasn’t overweight, I had perfect pregnancy health and everything was fine. Yet, he came out 2 months earlier and NICU bills completely shattered both mine and my husband’s savings. I wish I had listened to a few friends who recommended that I buy maternity insurance as it would have lighten our burden significantly.

Believe it or not, I also didn’t get any medical or life insurance till I was in my late 20s. I wish I had gotten one earlier because the premium would have been a lot cheaper.

I guess in some ways, I hadn’t purchase insurance earlier was because of how complicated it seems. I had to find reliable agents, meet up, listen to their pitches, get medical check-ups and many more. How I wish that UforLife was around when I was shopping for the right insurance for me.

UforLife is the simplest, instantaneous, straight-forward and affordable way for everyone to be insured or increase life protection. It is the first online insurance platform that allows e-policy to be issued immediately after the registration and payment process is done, which only takes up to 10 minutes.

# – It’s really easy to purchase a policy for yourself.

With premium as low as RM9.85 per month for an amazing RM100,000 coverage for life insurance, you can get coverage up to RM500,000 without doing medical check-up! Grim as it sounds, in the event of death by accident, your loved ones will receive double the amount of benefits.

For more information, log on to or

Now please excuse me while I go buy a few some life insurance policies for myself, my husband and Liam.

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Beauty & Your Fortune – a workshop by The Sloane Clinic™

I attended a Mian Xiang (face fengshui) workshop many years ago and it was such an eye opening experience. Since attending that workshop, it has made me so much more aware of my face and my features and I do try my best to enhance with make-up or skincare. I mean, why not?

It’s not hard science but you can’t deny the facts that how far one succeeds in life has much to do with his or her face, on top of hard work and good acumen.

According to Business Insider, beautiful people make about 12% more money than people with a nice personality ;)

It’s not just about being beautiful, rather, beauty is the result of a face with good fengshui. So why not? I like the idea of being more successful with beauty as a byproduct by just enhancing my features here and there with non-evasive procedures.

That’s why when The Sloane Clinic™ invited me to Beauty & Your Fortune workshop, I jumped at the chance. One of the programmes was “How your Face affects your fortune”, conducted by Miss Cindy Chew from Soleil Trinity, a professional Chinese Metaphysics boutique consultancy firm in Malaysia, specialising in all aspects of Tarot Card reading, Bazi consultation, Palm and Face reading, Feng Shui consultation and Auspicious Date selection.

The very chic The Sloane Clinic™ at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

I really enjoyed the workshop and it was very helpful as the exact treatment available at The Sloane Clinic™ was recommended for each component of the face. Do you know that your facial features that denote the good fortune are the same one that adds to the face’s aesthetic appeal?

Miss Cindy Chew giving an insight into face reading.

Forehead and Temples.

For instance, good fortune and marital bliss can be enhanced by ironing out deep wrinkles, lighten pigmentation and scars with a treatment called Fraxel Light. This is because according to Cindy, a full, smooth and broad forehead with no visible marks, lines, or scars generally means good fortune and a good career.

Sunken temples are alarm bells on possible extramarital affairs. Similarly, obvious spots, scars or lines on the Marriage House could mean trouble on the horizon for your love relationships.

For achieving a loving and fulfilling marriage, the Voluma High Definition Lift safely gives sunken temples an instant boost, giving you a wonderfully youthful face. Totally going to help in the marital department!

The Eyes.

The eyes are windows to the soul. True that! Sparkling clear big eyes bring luck to one’s real estate and material endeavours but becareful, dark eye circles are indicative of low energy levels and may also imply less affinity with your offspring. FML!!! Is this why Liam is so fussy with me and always bully me >_<

So what can I do besides having a lot of sleep? As a new mom, that’s like impossible haha.

The answer is Botox! And then there’s Thermage, which is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment to iron out crinkles, lift sleepy, hooded lids and open up your eyes to youth, great health and bright financial potential.

The lips.

The mouth is the most sensual feature on our face. It should never appear dry, because this would indicate a drying up of luck. As long as our mouth is kept moist, it indicates money luck. Huat ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So have issues with losing $$$? Perhaps it’s your lips. Get gorgeous bee-stung lips with Revitalift Lips. The hyaluronic acid fillers are ideal to soften laugh lines instantly, subtly lift the lip corners into a pleasant smile, and create a stronger and more balanced chin.

The Laugh Lines.

The cheek lines, also called the Fa Ling lines are the lines that start at the side of our nose and curve downward to the side of our mouth (laugh lines). According to Cindy, I have double Fa Ling lines, which means I am very persuasive. Ahemmm.

However, if cheek lines show up before you reach 40 then it means you have had a hard life. The remedy comes in the form of Restylane Hydrolift. It uses fine particle hyaluronic acid to highlight the cheek apples and gently lift laugh lines, while illuminating the face with a vibrant glow and dewy suppleness.


The nose signifies wealth. The rounder and fleshier the nose, the better the wealth luck indicated. Nostrils should not be too small nor too large and the nose nose must look balanced and smooth. Spots – white or black – are seen as obstacles (FML!!!), and moles at the tip of the nose are regarded as a major sign of misfortune. I certainly need more help in this department than the average pore pack urgh.

Natural fillers on the nose bridge and tip can enhance the height and definition of the nose. Fillers can also smoothen any bump and unevenness on the nose which are said to indicate obstacles in life.


How about pigmentation? I think every woman I know has personal struggles with this. I do too, and I use foundation to cover.

Uneven skin tone affects the smoothness of someone’s authority and power. This may mean that a person will experience a lot of personal challenges from other people too :(

For splotchy skin, the solution comes in the form of Divine Whitening Program.The best thing is that it has no downtime and even the most sensitive of skin types will benefit from this complexion-correcting treatment as it removes pigmentation, battles fine lines and erases signs of fatigue. Talk about glowing!


Marks, spots, creases, scars and indentations are all indications of something wrong. The bigger and more prominent the mark, the more serious the problem will be. Hence, any scar on the face is a huge NO NO. The skin should always be clear to signify a smooth life.

So what do you do if you have markings on your face? The Sloane Clinic™ offers the Very Luminous Skin Program, a total skin renewal program that targets all aspects of skin rejuvenation from tone, texture and colour. From fine lines to open pores to scars, pigmentation and skin laxity, this program aims to transform how you look immediately.

There’s also a talk called “Enhance your youth with science” by none other than Dr. Low Chai Ling, the co-owner of The Sloane Clinic™. You can never guess how old she really is from her picture! I was shocked to find out that she’s also a mummy of two! I think if there’s any proof of how good The Sloane Clinic™, just look at the owner!

Dr. Low Chai Ling.

So can you tell what is my life like from my face? To be honest, I am generally happy with my face but after the workshop, I am seriously considering giving an intsy-wintsy bit of lift to my nose as well as clearing all them blackheads. Don’t mess with the wealth spot, hello?

I am practically unpalatable without makeup too, so I would love to get my hands on the Very Luminous Skin Program. What say you? Admittedly my motivation is vanity, but hey I really wouldn’t turn down a possible side-effect of better fortunes!

Check out The Sloane Clinic™ for information on beauty treatments that are right for you and Soleil Trinity for information on face reading.

The Sloane Clinic
(Pavilion branch)
Lot 7.02.04, Beauty Hall, Level 7,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2110 6488

Beautifying Hours:
Mon – Sun, 10am – 9pm

The Sloane Clinic
(Bangsar branch)
79 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2288 1788

Beautifying Hours:
Mon – Sat,10am – 8pm
Closed on Sundays & Public holidays

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Not another rant about the Malaysian government?

This is not my first complaint. Just had one not too long ago. You can read it here.

Went to Duta’s immigration office to make Liam’s passport today. We reached there just before 1pm and found the passport office was dark, as in literally all the lights had been switched off.

According to a personnel who was there, the office was closed between 1pm-2pm.

I was annoyed because there’s no notice on changes with operation hours on website or anywhere.

If you know Bahasa Malaysia, it says operation hours during fasting month is 8.30am – 5.30pm. Sounds fair. No mention of 1pm-2pm rest time though.

As you can see, normal operation hours is 7.30am – 5.30pm. No mention of afternoon breaks too, except for the Friday which is for prayers.

So who sanctioned that afternoon break!?

I guess I am lucky that I have flexible hours so I can suck it and deal with it. But really, with such bloated civil service, how hard is it to keep operations going by having staggered breaks??

Half of the staff work while half of the staff take a break. After one hour, the one who rested start work and the one who worked could rest for an hour. Like this also difficult meh!? Simple logic no? But no no no no no, everyone rests and the rest of Malaysians get their toll, petrol, time and work leaves wasted for no reason.

This sort of inefficiency really gives me the angrys!!!

What about normal tax paying working people that have to go all the way to the government office during lunch break only to find that the shutters are down because they have decided to “rest” for an hour. Pay tax for this kind of shitty service?

With other companies, if I don’t like their service I can boycott the brand, stop buying their products or service. But hello, I can’t boycott getting a passport?

Anyway, I went to have lunch at the nearby Publika and went back at 2.30pm. It was pleasant, paid up etc and got a slip to come back to collect the passport after an hour. So, instead of waiting we went off to Publika (5 minutes away) to get some groceries, got back to the goverment office at 4.58pm and guess what??

Lights all turned off again! *&^*&^$%%$&^%$&^%$&^*&^(*&)*&$&^

What is this!? 5.30pm closing time right? Why not yet 5pm already closed??

Not a single soul in sight. Don’t know if sleeping behind the counters or gone home already. Who knows? Mind you I am not in some sleeping town type of branch, I am in Duta branch! Next to one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Malaysia.

These people really have no pride in their jobs. All they want is more rest, more rest and more rehat.

Don’t make it so easy for people to insult you can or not? Be professional! Have pride in your jobs!

Like I always say, I feel most sorry about being a Malaysian whenever I go to the government office. The chaos, the slightly run down amenities, the awful charts and farce of inspiring slogan after slogan, the attitude. Everything is just a hint, a taste of the state of our nation.

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