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How to put a king-sized duvet or quilt cover on quickly.

Eversince I learnt how to stuff quilt into quilt cover quickly, I have always wanted to share how I do it. It used to be one of my most dreaded chores because it’s really hard to fit a king sized quilt into its cover.

Now though, I enjoy doing it because it gives me a sense of accomplishment every single time haha. You could probably find plenty of videos on how to quickly put on quilt cover but it always involve rolling up the quilt/cover together first and I have tried that and found it a bit hard due to the large king size.

I find my method easier as I can do everything while standing comfortably around the bed. I hope the tutorial is clear enough. I tried to make a video but it’s hard to make one by myself, maybe next time when Gareth is around to help me!

For now, I hope the pictures and instructions are suffice:

1. Lay quilt cover on the bed, inside out and spread it out flat with its opening at the bed-end.

2. Then, lay the quilt over the quilt cover.

3. Make sure all the corners match and tie all the corners of the quilt and quilt cover together if you like.

4. Now, stand at the end of your bed. Put your hand into the quilt cover and grab the left corner (together with the quilt) and pull it out.

5. Once pulled out, it will look kind of like this.

6. Now, do the same thing with the right-hand corner. Put hand inside the quilt cover, grab right corner (together with the quilt) and pull it out. You will end up with this.

At this point, you will have one layer of quilt cover fabric still quite flat on the bed, with a thin sausage on top of it.

7. Now, continue putting your hand inside the quilt cover, find the left side seam (together with the quilt) and pull it out. It will look and feel weird/messy but no worries…be patient.

8. Continue with the right side seam. Put hand inside the quilt cover, find the right seam (together with the quilt) and pull it out. The roll will get gradually fatter.

9. Repeat (7) and (8) until you’ve run out of side seams. Now you got yourself a massive sausage on your bed.

10. Almost there! Now, slip your hand underneath the massive sausage and find the top seam (together with the quilt) and pull the entire seam + quilt towards yourself.

11. Now the sausage will begin to unroll.

12. Watch as it unrolls with the quilt neatly inside the cover.

13. Tadaaaa!

14. Now, button up the opening of the quilt cover.

15. And make your bed. You may want to iron your sheets, I don’t though…sorry about the wrinkles lol.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps!

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The single best improvement of our life since Liam besides Liam….

… our washing machine cum dryer.

I don’t know how we did it. We lived for 10 whole years without the use of a washing machine. And then the bub arrived and oh my gawd.

The amount of laundry generated by the little man is just obscene.

How could something so tiny make so much laundry?!

So, we decided that it’s time and we got not just any washing machine. We got a washer dryer straight from the future.

It’s the LG Washer Dryer.

I am absolutely in love with it.

Truth was, we were considering two brands but after much research, we decided on LG specifically for the motor called Inverter Direct Drive Motor and for the amazing 10 year warranty on the motor. In fact, I believe all LG washing machines & washer dryers come with 10 year warranty on the motor!

Am not sure how the motor works, Gareth would probably have a better idea but all I know is that it’s quiet and it’s that reliable they don’t have qualms giving 10 year warranty for it.

I remember my parents used to have a repairman over the house every year just to fix the motor of the old washing machine and honestly it’s such a pain and I’m glad I don’t have to experience that.

The washer dryer looks straight out of a science fiction movie. I love how it fits to the colour scheme of our backyard.

So sleek, so shiny and so many lights…

I love how all the buttons are so straight-forward and just make sense. I adore the digital display that says exactly what’s going on and how long it will take to finish a cycle.

And of course I love that despite having so many buttons, I really only have to press a couple of times for a specific mode to work hahahaha *bimbo

I love how we can wash the big boys clothes…

…as well as the little boys clothes all at the same time with no issues. Have I mentioned how my underwired bras all come out nice and clean and in shape too?

Not to mention King size bedsheets, shoes, curtains and pillows too! Did I say shoes? Yes, we washed all our dirty trainers too!

Before the LG Washer Dryer arrived in our lives, we could only wear whatever that’s available at home as most of the time we would have clothes still uncollected at the neighbourhood laundry. It’s so nice to be able to have all our clothes available to us now!

And man….the dryer function is simply amazing! Initially, we couldn’t find time to send the bedsheets in our guestroom to the laundry. Thank goodness that our washer dryer arrived just before my mom-in-law flew in from England and we could wash, dry and put on the sheets within half a day!

All the while it was raining! What is this sorcery??

Oh and the sheets felt so nice and warm from the dryer. Love it!

Even Liam loves the washer dryer, he just doesn’t know it yet. Haha.

Thank you LG for this lovely, lovely machine that has made our quality of life just so much better. One of my greatest pleasures as a blogger is to be able to promote a brand and product that I personally love and would have spent my own money on. This, is definitely one of those times.

I’m not the type of person that would allow just any low quality appliance to occupy space in our home just because it’s “sponsored”, you know what I mean?

That’s why, please check out the jaw-dropping promotions from LG here. You won’t regret it. For just LG washing machines you can click here. As for washer dryers such as ours, click here.

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That smell in our house.

Whenever I walked into our storeroom I could smell a really nice fragrance in the air.

Nowhere else in the house – only in our dark and cluttered storeroom. Even the husband could smell it so it wasn’t just my nose.

It’s so weird because we couldn’t determine what smell it was or where it came from, only that it was floral and quite pleasant.

Growing up, I had listened to my fair share of stories about how ghouls, ghosts and jins manifest themselves in the form of an intoxicating, floral scent and that one should never acknowledge the presence of such smell…in fact, if you ever smelled anything out of the ordinary, you should curse and complain out loud about the “smelly odour” to scare the presence away.

As days passed, I began to get quite worried as the fragrance got stronger and stronger. I wasn’t sure about going into the storeroom.

One day, the husband suddenly yelled out to me from the toilet, “Pudpud, it’s the tissue!”


“The tissue. The smell is from the tissue.”

“What tissue????”

“Just now my poop too smelly so I used some toilet roll to cover my nose and that’s when I realised where the fragrance comes from”.

# – Now only noticed “Natural Fresh Scent” -_-

So Kleenex has been quietly scenting our regular toilet rolls. No prize for guessing where we store our fresh toilet rolls.

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