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My 2014 in a nutshell

Just like the previous years, I’d do a summary of my year. 2014 has been a relatively quiet year for me, but definitely a significant one as our first born arrived.

Here goes..


We first found out we’re pregnant on 20 January 2014 :)


Nothing much happened other than it was Chinese New Year and my tyre got deliberately punctured in my work place’s carpark. Hmm..

Luckily my saviour came about 15 minutes later and I didn’t have to wait two hours for Gareth to endure peak traffic to come from the other side of the world to get me.


It’s my husband’s birthday and also the month we formally announced our pregnancy.

I attempted to make Seremban beef noodles (great) and also salt beef (not worth the effort).


Cel got married to the love of her life and I was honoured to be her maid of honour and helped out! What a beautiful day :)

It was the month of water rationing, and of course I ranted about people washing their precious cars during the water shortage.

We found out the gender of our baby! Am not going to bluff, I really wanted a boy so my wish came true. Now that Liam’s born, I really want a girl next.

I also posted picture of my bump for the first time at 5 months pregnant. Looked like a food baby.


We watched Jersey Boys and it was fabulous!

Happy days as this was the month that Lance and Mel got married. They’re possibly one of my favourite couples in the world :)


I ate a live octopus.

We also went to Bali for a babymoon cum birthday trip. Thank you husband! :)


The month I turned 30 and also the month I started a small business. The latter is still in its infancy and growth has been slow due to the baby but my plans and dreams for it are still burning passionately.

In the middle of July, I exhibited a classic symptom for pre-labour called “show”. I was only 29 weeks pregnant then and it wasn’t a good idea to give birth. My doctor immediately ordered bed rest and also steroid jabs to hasten my baby’s lung development.

I was a little shaken by the episode but I wasn’t stressed up because I knew that worrying was not going to help me. I went on with life as normally as possible and continued to enjoy my pregnancy, albeit with caution and more awareness of my body. I kept telling my body to hang on till 35 weeks at the least.

Husband took me to Ten for a Japanese degustation/omakase for my 30th birthday. It was really delicious.

A week later, on the second last day of July, my water broke and I went into labour. I was 32 week 4 days pregnant.

Liam was born on 31 July 2014 at 1.52pm.


While I discharged a day after labour, Liam stayed on for 23 days more in hospital, 11 of them spent in NICU. It was a blur of visiting hospital twice a day to give Liam kangaroo care, pumping milk every 3 hours and dealing with changes to my body.

This was the time I realised that I had married the right man. I don’t know how I could survive this month if it wasn’t for Gareth.

It was also very rewarding to see Liam improve every day. He’s my strong boy :)


It’s a great month as we finally brought Liam home. While it was tiring to care for a baby, I am just so glad that our baby’s finally home and that he is healthy.

I also wrote a blog post about what expectant parents should buy. Very relevant if you’re planning on breastfeeding.


Liam turned 2 months old and we did an impromptu photoshoot.

I wrote a tribute for our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 27th.

I cooked for the husband and he bought me flowers, donuts and a packet of salt beef. He really knows how to make his wife happy :)


I wrote about why dogs are better for babies than humans.


My favourite month as it’s Xmas. We weren’t planning on throwing our annual Xmas dinner party but alas, we couldn’t resist the festivity, so we hosted a smaller do.

It’s extra special for me this year because we have both my mother-in-law and Liam together with us.

Gareth blogged about it here.

It’s also the month that my brother got married! I was bawling as he and his wife entered the banquet hall, I guess I was happily overwhelmed by the fact that my brother is now a grown-up. I am so happy for him as I know my sister-in-law is a great girl and I wish them all the happiness in their marriage.

I also got myself a new phone, after giving the same phone to Gareth for Xmas lol.

So there, a summary of my 2014. I hope 2015 will be a better year for everyone. Less natural and man-made disasters please, and hopefully no haze >_< I'd love to travel more too and get the business up and running by itself. And also to enjoy watching my baby grow up healthily. So much to do, so little time. Happy New Year! ========== To read about my highlights in previous years, click: 2008
2011 (this one was a cheat, honestly was too broke saving for the house until no activities hahaha)

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Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

Yeah now you know how old I am!

I can’t believe that I graduated from university almost 10 years ago!

I sometimes find it hard to believe that I am pregnant now. Or married. Or has my own health insurance. Or has my own car? Whutttttttt?

I remember driving my first car at 18, a white Kancil gifted by my father, pushing it to 120kmh (which is the max speed) thinking to myself, “Walaoyeh, I am so fast and so cool lehhhh!!!!”.

Thinking back, I have had a pretty good twenties. I mean, obviously I didn’t think so then, there was always something irking me cause c’mon….which 20+ year old doesn’t think it’s all about Me, Me, Me, Me and Me and EVERYONE is just so gawddamn clueless? Hehe.

Well, I spent the first half of my twenties thinking I had figured it all out and the later half actually figuring it out, albeit frustratingly.

My twenties have left me and they were glorious, fun & sometimes frustrating years.

Today I feel at peace. I would like to start my 30s knowing that I will always be figuring it out, but to never ever sweat it :)

For my 30th, I don’t have any material wish, unlike all my previous birthdays in my twenties.

# – Though it’s still fun receiving them hehehe. This is me opening presents from Celine last night.

I am thankful for a loving & supportive husband, a caring family, the best dog in the world and wonderful, wonderful friends. I am soon to launch a small business, which I’m really excited about. Have so far done all the product research, designing of the brand etc…all that’s left is to market and who should be my inspiration but my yet-to-be born son?

So yeah, I am excited about being in my 30s!

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Red tide.

This was supposed to be a private post but I feel like I need to share it because it’s important. Initially I try to post only positive things about my pregnancy but the truth is, the thought that the worst could happen is always at the back of my head.

I don’t mean to say I am incapacitated by a constant fear for the worst but I feel like somehow publicly acknowledging that I have problems with my first pregnancy, along with the great things about it (better hair, better skin, better moods, etc) that I will be able to show a more realistic situation.

When I was about to hit the 3 month mark, something really scary happened, which I have written in length below. I am close to 6 months pregnant now and everyday I am thankful that I could feel every kick and movement from my baby.


It was 9 March 2014, 1pm. As soon as I looked down, my body went cold. Staring back at me was what used to be my pristine white panties, now stained with brownish, reddish stains.

I called out for Gareth, he rushed into our bathroom. I could see his face crumbled upon seeing what I had just seen.

We had been anticipating the end of the week as it marked the beginning of my 12-week pregnancy – the end of my 1st trimester. This was supposed to be the safe time to announce one’s pregnancy. We were so excited to finally be able to openly share our good news. We planned to make the announcement on Gareth’s birthday.

Suddenly, all our plans seemed a million years away. I was so confused. I felt numb but at the same time, I had to keep telling myself that this is common and it happens to many people.

It’s common, it’s common, it’s common…and yet, I felt numb. I told G we had to go to the hospital.

It was a Sunday and the O&G section had its shutters down. I was disappointed as I thought hospitals were supposed to operate 24/7. We decided to head to the emergency room instead.

There was quite a crowd. “I am pregnant and I am bleeding”, I told the young man behind the counter. I was whisked to the back of the emergency room almost immediately.

They gave me a basic check-up and then they told me my obgyn was on the way. She arrived from home 1/2 hour later.

She started giving me an ultrasound. As soon as I saw the image on the screen – the outline of a fetus with a tiny beating heart and fingers, tears started welling up in my eye. I dreaded what my doctor was going to tell me next – that our baby would start leaving my body.

Instead, she said the baby looked great, and I had no clots around my uterus which was a good sign. She told me I am suffering from a condition called “threatened miscarriage” and nobody, not even doctors know exactly why it happens. What she can do is give me some progesterones and a lot of rest. I was due to see her in another week.

Husband and I made jokes about how his Welsh blood would make the baby extra strong and that he or she would stick all the way to September (my due date).

It’s been two days since the terrible day. I am still spotting but I’ve never soaked through one sanitary pad per day, which to me is really good. In fact, I’ve never had any unusual cramp.

A moment ago though, while doing the number 2, I painlessly passed the largest lump of dark blood clot since I started spotting a couple of days ago. It’s the sized of a dried sliced apricot. This episode shook me a little.

We decided against going to the emergency, because I am not in pain and honestly there is nothing I can do if my body decides to purge it. We are just hoping for the best.


A week after I wrote the above, I stopped bleeding. Doc gave me another scan and confirmed everything was okay. We went on to announce the pregnancy and I even went clubbing at Velvet (hah, don’t know how to die right?).

Since, my confidence about this pregnancy increased daily. Everytime I looked down onto my panties and saw nothing, I’d say a little atheist prayer.

A couple of months passed and a few days ago, it happened again. Spots of blood on my panties and in the toilet. Sigh.

That dreadful feeling came back, the questions and the constant googling about losses at this advanced stage. In the end I decided that I need to calm my shit down. We didn’t even go to the emergency room, I have done enough reading to know that as long as I’m not gushing blood and not having severe cramps being at the emergency room won’t help.

Thankfully, the spotting has reduced significantly. I am hoping it’s just a pattern – something that happens to me as I enter a new trimester. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of keeping me humble. It sure is effective.

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