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The All New Dove Volume & Nourishment Hair Range

Whenever I stumbled upon my old pictures, I can’t help but cringed at the limp, super flat hair that I used to have. Flat, poker straight hair was trendy but like many trends, it quickly lost its allure.

This was my hair in 2008 (I didn’t just have terrible, flat hair, my makeup needed help too lol)

Flat hair is so unattractive! Flat hair gives off illusion of dryness and unhealthiness. I wonder what was I thinking going regularly for rebonding just to achieve super flat hair!?

Now, older and wiser I love bouncy, voluminous, healthy looking hair. However, since giving birth, my hair has never been the same. I get flat, limp hair without even have to resort to chemical treatments. I am sure my young self would envy my current self hahaha.

The only way to get volume is to use curling iron, blow drying or back-combing which are really bad for my hair. I am sure many women face the same problems I do – trying to achieve volume without inflicting damage to hair.

There are less damaging methods too, like using hair rollers overnight but it’s so time consuming and the effect is pretty temporary :(

Dove has obviously listened to the laments of women such as myself and have recently launched a product that specifically addresses the issue of flat and sad hair.

Introducing…..the New Dove Volume & Nourishment shampoo and conditioner. It’s claimed that the products give nourishment and up to 95% in volume, with them introduction of the Oxyfusion technology in their product!

Group pic with all the pretty fellow bloggers at the launch.

I was rather skeptical but I attended the launch and a demonstration of the prowess of the products showed pretty astounding results!

Only one side of the model’s hair was washed with New Dove Volume & Nourishment shampoo and conditioner and from the picture you can really see which side was more voluminous. We were told that the Oxyfusion technology that is incorporated in the product through the oxygen-infused conditioning molecules was the main protagonist that makes all these wonders work. Amazing!

I like how you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary in order to get healthy, voluminous hair. Just wash and condition as usual and BAM, nice bouncy hair. Perfect for busy moms like me, especially.


[From L – R] Chin Mei Lee, Brand Manager of Dove Hair, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd, Phoenix Ho, Senior Brand Manager of Total Hair, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd, John Goh, Research and Development Deploy Manager, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd showcasing the newly launched Dove Volume & Nourishment Hair Range.

I can’t wait to use the Dove Volume & Nourishment Hair Range!

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Horlicks Chocolate – chosen by 9 in 10 moms.

One of my fondest memories as a child is having my granny made a glass of icy cold super “kau” Horlicks as a treat after I got home from school. I remember how delicious the drink was, soothing my parched throat…so creamy and delicious. Most importantly, it gave me more energy to last through the day for finishing up my homework and play. In fact, I must credit Horlicks for getting me through school hahaha.

Now as a mom, I look forward to recreating the same experience for Liam. Imagining him coming home from school after a day of physical activities and studying; how nice would it be for him to enjoy a glass of icy cold Horlicks too? I can’t wait!

Best of all, Horlicks now comes in chocolate flavour! How I wish that I had chocolatey Horlicks when I was a kid!

Recently, Horlicks Chocolate won Product of the Year in the Instant Beverages Category in a survey with over 2000 Malaysians by Nielsen Malaysia.

On top of that, when a sample of 400 mums saw the nutrients in Horlicks, 90% said they plan to use Horlicks more in the future! We’re talking about an astounding 9 in 10 moms!

Afterall, Horlicks Chocolate does have 23 growth supporting nutrients, including protein supporting growth, calcium for strong bones, vitamin B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D, A, Iron, Zinc & Potassium.

Horlicks Chocolate also come in these nifty sachets for convenience and they are my choice as a busy mummy. They are especially handy while travelling with a baby.

One sachet for one perfect cup of Horlicks Chocolate.

For now I shall relieve my happy childhood with a cup of Horlicks Chocolate while waiting for my one year old to grow up a bit more ;)

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If you are not yet insured, please read this to the end.

Do you know that Malaysians are generally under-insured, which is a worrying trend?

I think it’s important, no, I think it’s compulsory for every single person to be insured. Most of us have an inflated sense of longevity when it comes to our lives, sometimes bordering on arrogance. But the truth it, circumstances do catch us when we least expect it.

Liam’s premature birth for instance. I would not have guessed that I would give birth to my son prematurely. I wasn’t overweight, I had perfect pregnancy health and everything was fine. Yet, he came out 2 months earlier and NICU bills completely shattered both mine and my husband’s savings. I wish I had listened to a few friends who recommended that I buy maternity insurance as it would have lighten our burden significantly.

Believe it or not, I also didn’t get any medical or life insurance till I was in my late 20s. I wish I had gotten one earlier because the premium would have been a lot cheaper.

I guess in some ways, I hadn’t purchase insurance earlier was because of how complicated it seems. I had to find reliable agents, meet up, listen to their pitches, get medical check-ups and many more. How I wish that UforLife was around when I was shopping for the right insurance for me.

UforLife is the simplest, instantaneous, straight-forward and affordable way for everyone to be insured or increase life protection. It is the first online insurance platform that allows e-policy to be issued immediately after the registration and payment process is done, which only takes up to 10 minutes.

# – It’s really easy to purchase a policy for yourself.

With premium as low as RM9.85 per month for an amazing RM100,000 coverage for life insurance, you can get coverage up to RM500,000 without doing medical check-up! Grim as it sounds, in the event of death by accident, your loved ones will receive double the amount of benefits.

For more information, log on to or

Now please excuse me while I go buy a few some life insurance policies for myself, my husband and Liam.

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