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Lovin’ our family time at…..

What’s that one restaurant that is available all the time, has great environment, serves yummy food, has yummy drinks and most importantly, serves the best chicken nuggets in the world?

Jeng jeng jeng….


Since Liam turned one, we have enjoyed bringing him to Mcdonald’s. While we eat our favourite burgers, he gets to enjoy plain unsalted fries.

Recently, we have even introduced him to McNuggets :D Well, more like he introduced himself.

So the story goes like this. We bought a box of 9 piece nuggets, opened it and his little hand struck lightning quick. And he just wouldn’t let go of the nugget. Hahaha. Well, I truly understand, I wouldn’t have let go too haha.

Of course the husband is a fan of nuggets too. I truly enjoy our sama-sama time as a family at McDonald’s :)

McNuggets with its awesome dipping sauces. Now even more awesome with new dips– Creamy French Cheese and Sweet Honey Mustard. Finally! More nugget sauces for us Malaysians! Dip em and share em!

And I reckon Liam’s going to eat some McDonald’s pies soon! Look at how he eyes on my Spinach pie (which is amazing by the way omg).

Thank you McDonald’s! We are definitely lovin’ it. Go on, bring your family to McDonald’s for some McNuggets and enjoy a sama-sama time together :)

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