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Eyebrow embroidery by HueVicky for gorgeous eyebrows

The most important thing for me to look and feel human…are my eyebrows. Unfortunately, I’m not genetically blessed in that department.

Those uneven patches of hair above my eyes, those aren’t eyebrows. They are universe way of playing a joke on me. I mean, just look at this picture of me.

Behold, an unedited, untouched, picture of me without make-up. Thankfully Liam has inherited his dad’s beautiful, luscious brows. Can’t say the same for his hair though lol.

As you can see, my natural eyebrows were droopy, shapeless and simply unspectacular. I used to have to draw and fill them in before stepping out of the house but since having a young son, ain’t nobody have time for that! So since last year, I started researching on eyebrow embroidery. My main concerns were as follow, not in order of importance:

1. Pain level
– Well of course I would like it to be as painless as possible. But everyone I heard from said it has to hurt at some point so this had stopped me from taking the plunge.

2. Hygiene
– No explanation needed. I need to do it at a place where I won’t contract squirrel Aids.

3. Aesthetic eye
– This is probably my biggest concern. I need someone who truly understands how the eyebrows frame a woman’s face. The thing with a lot of places is that they follow the latest trends so some women end up looking really weird! And then all these nonsense about 6D and 8D and so on, please lah. I’ve seen some places which even use a kind of stencil to determine the shape of the eyebrows. Please, NO!

4. Skills
– This is quite hard to tell especially with the big named places. They always have different eyebrow embroidery artists in rotation and every skill level is different.

3. Price
– Of course, the ringgit factor counts. I’ve heard there are places that charge up to RM12,000! I want new eyebrows, not new eyes.

And really, I thought I would never find a place that could do my eyebrows with all these factors in my favour until….until I met Vicky.

This is Vicky.

I met Vicky at the unlikeliest place. We were strangers participating in a portrait sketching workshop. Besides being a stunning creature, she’s really friendly and easy-going so we started chatting.

I found out that she was learning to be a tattooist but she’s a full-time eyebrow embroidery artist. I started following her Instagram and in no time, I completely fell in love with her work. Her drawings, her tattoos, the dolls she knitted, her calligraphy, her tattoos….just wow!

She designed and drew this badass cat and embroidered it herself.

Some of her WIPs which you could see in her studio if you’re lucky like me.

Vicky is a true blue artist with an amazing eye for aesthetics. She’s also an accomplished yogi!

That said, what I was truly interested in were her clients’ eyebrows. They always, always look so great! She also does male eyerbrows splendidly.

Vicky also promises one thing whenever she talks about her eyebrow work – she guarantees no pain.

NO PAIN? Really meh??

I can honestly tell you, she isn’t lying.

And now, thanks to Vicky, I have eyebrows that I’m proud to show to the world. They won’t melt off in the face of the sun, rain, sea or sweat. I am beyond thrilled!

My brand new eyebrows. Thank you Vicky!

I chose Vicky for this important task of giving me permanent eyebrows was simply because she satisfied all my considerations above. No pain, hygienic, great eye for beauty, very experienced and very affordable too.

She operates out of Damansara Perdana too which is a major plus for me as I live just 10 minutes drive away.

Vicky drawing my brows in before the embroidery began. At this point, you can keep redoing your brows until you are satisfied.

Then she applied the anaesthetic to numb the eyebrow areas. This is where the no-pain guarantee came in and it was truly no pain! I will not give it away and let Vicky tell you how it’s done.

About an hour later, my eyebrows freshly embroidered. They got darker in a couple of days and then healed and peeled off in a week to reveal natural, beautifully shaped brows :)

I returned to Vicky’s a month later for a touch-up session. This is the time where any inconsistency of colour (should there be any) can be fixed. I already quite liked the first result but felt that just a wee more thickness would make me even happier so Vicky gave me exactly what I wanted.

Like this! I am so happy with my eyebrows. Now they always look groomed and luscious!

Anyway, if you would like Vicky to fix your eyebrows or eyeline (yes, she does painless eyeliner embroidery too!), here’s the deet:

Please message her at:

wechat: huevickyaunty126

I don’t think she checks instagram messages so please use the above platforms to reach her :)

Anyway, here is me, ready for my close-up even after my foundation/lipstick have melted and disappeared. Thank you Vicky for them eyebrows!

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What Liam says

Liam is turning 3 in two months and with age comes speech. I have to be honest, for a while I was a little worried about his speech. My nephew who is 4 months younger than Liam started speaking a lot sooner and as much as I refused to compare, it’s hard not to. Following a few mums on Dayre and Instagram I also noticed kids his age or younger have started speaking. I couldn’t help but worried if he’s got an impediment due to his prematurity?

Anyway, my worries were unfounded because Liam has started speaking. A lot! From parroting us poorly at first, to just saying “banana” and “no”, he has now gone on to making actual conversations.

As his parents, it’s fascinating to listen to him!

For instance, we were at a cafe near home for lunch. They had some cakes on display.

Liam: Mummy I want cake.

Me and Gareth:

Liam: Mummy, I want eat cake.

Me: Okay you may have cake only if you sit here quietly and finish up your lunch okay?

Liam: /indecipherable grunts

*He normally darts around the cafe running his Hot Wheels on the walls but this time he sat quietly on a regular chair throughout lunch and ate everything without being a pain in my bum! After he’s finished his pasta…

Liam: Finish!!

Me: Yes, well done! You’ve finished your pasta!

Liam: I want eat cake!!


Me: Hurm, okay lets choose a cake.

*He gracefully let himself down from the chair, walked with me to the cake display and chose a cake WTF.

This in fact took place just moments ago and prompted me to write this blogpost….

Me to Gareth: Do you think we should throw a birthday party for Liam?

Liam: Yes, please.

*Me and Gareth turned to look at Liam.

Liam: I want presents.

Me and Gareth:

Liam: Mummy I want party.

Guess Gareth and I have to start to be more conscious of what we say. Other than cuss words, we usually say whatever whenever because Liam’s just a kid who doesn’t really have an contextual understanding, right? Not anymore!

As the conversations above show, he well and truly understands what’s up.

And this is a picture from said lunch outing. I had told him to wait while I take a picture of the cake, and he did so. Haha.

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Warning: Downer article ahead.

I have the cutest son in the world. He is the reason why I want more kids although I haven’t been lucky in that department. It stings whenever I see him getting sociable with other younger kids but, oh well, I suppose it’s not our time yet.

I will admit it, I’m not keen on being pregnant. Not anymore. I used to tell my friends that I loved being pregnant, that I felt most beautiful when I was pregnant. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case anymore. The innocence of being pregnant has lost on me. Sometimes, I wonder if my failure in this respect has anything to do with my trepidation over being pregnant. I do believe my hesitation is just due to fear but maybe truly, I just am not wanting it hard enough? Maybe that’s why I don’t get to keep my babies? Cause you know, Kim doesn’t want a baby hard enough.

I was in the middle of getting my life back when I found out I was pregnant recently. While I was thrilled with the baking bun in the oven, I was also slightly disappointed that we had to suddenly put many plans on hold. Running 10K. Perform an unassisted headstand by the end of the year. See my mum-in-law in England. We were supposed to visit Barcelona and Ibiza too. Resume scuba diving. Oh, and finally visiting Japan! I had to stop all my activities immediately cause I don’t want a baby to fall out of my bits. All those plans evaporated the moment the second line appeared on the stick. Due to my scummy cervix I had to be near my hospital for my entire pregnancy so there was no other options but to stay put, and stay still.

But it’s okay, I found a doctor I liked and we hatched a battle plan to ensure the birth of a healthy full term baby. Alas, I lost it anyway. I wonder what sort of bug I picked up in Lombok? I thought 9 weeks was pretty safe to travel to somewhere near and yet, the heartbeat just stopped. Doc said it could just be chromosomal abnormality but what if it wasn’t? What if it really was the flu? This means I caused it right because I made the decision to go to Lombok? Was it sensible to fly 3 hours in a plane full of people who coughed without covering their mouths? Did I bring this upon myself? I really shouldn’t blame myself but the questions swirl constantly in the mind and cannot be stopped.

Lately I find myself looking at pictures of Apollo and Artemis again. Thinking of the what-ifs. Crying. Wondering why I hadn’t done this and that and hating on people who are happily pregnant with their seconds and thirds. Crying. Finding faults with my husband, with myself, with people I think who should have cared more. Crying. Eating 3/4 of a 9×9″ brownie. Crying. I can’t stand myself like this. And yet, I can’t help it.

I hate that I’m writing this blog post. I hate its tone. I hate its content. I hate that it’s incoherent. I feel weak and lame and pathetic. But I do this because I always seem to feel better after pouring everything out in words.

I am very sad. However, I am not grief stricken. I know the difference between the two. I hope nobody ever has to find out the difference for themselves.

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