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Free Video Streaming All Day Every Day!

When I first heard about this free video streaming 24 hours a day everyday from U Mobile called VIDEO-ONZ, naturally I was sceptical. It sounds like something straight out of a dream.

Could something that sounds so good be true? Well, I went to the launch of VIDEO-ONZ and yes, it’s definitely real.

With 11 content partners to choose from on VIDEO-ONZ, you will be spoilt for choice on what to stream. They aren’t just some obscure content providers as well, I mean we are talking about folks like YouTube, HyppTV Everywhere, Viu, iflix, Astro on the Go, tonton, Youku Tudou, ErosNow, HeroTalkies, ONFM and Pocketimes!

As long as you stream from these 11 partners, your existing data plan with U Mobile remains untouched! What is this sorcery?

According to U Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ms Jasmine Lee, VIDEO-ONZ was conceived when they noticed that there’s a spike in data usage for video streaming during the time they offered free YouTube and tonton streaming for off-peak hours back in October 2014.

In fact, there was a 14 times increase in data usage for video streaming and with that in mind, U Mobile decided that the next course of action was to create something that will enhance all of U Mobile customers’ experience. Lo and behold, VIDEO-ONZ was born.

I just love how customer-centric U Mobile has always been and still is :)

VIDEO-ONZ free unlimited content streaming is available (based on standard definition video quality) for all customers on P70, i90 and i130 postpaid plans while for customers on prepaid, other postpaid and broadband plans, they will receive an extra 100% free data for VIDEO-ONZ. On top of that, all UMI customers get to enjoy free extra 1GB of data until 30 June 2016!

To find out more, visit here or hang out at

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Why I take calcium everyday.

Most people who know me and my husband would know that we are quite obsessive when it comes to researching products that we use in our daily lives. That’s why I am absolutely thrilled whenever I get approached to do reviews on products that I am already using myself. As I know that they are genuinely great products, I just feel the extra drive to promote them, you know.

So one of these brands is Blackmores. They had asked me to write about their Calcium + vitamin D3 supplement and guess what, I am already taking their Bio Calcium product since 2013 (when I found out that I got pregnant).

My faithful bottle of Blackmore’s Bio Calcium which I take with folic acid every day.

I am taking calcium because from all the reading about pregnancies that I have done, the lack of calcium seems to be a top issue in a woman’s health, particularly those who are pregnant or have been pregnant.

Babies, before they’re born, require a lot of calcium to build their bones and teeth. So if a mother doesn’t have enough calcium in her diet, calcium will actually be drawn from the mother’s bones and teeth to nourish the baby. If you don’t want to get osteoporosis or bone problems when you’re older, please, please, please take calcium supplements now.

So the Calcium + Vitamin D3 supplements I received from Blackmores is an even better version of the ones I was taking. It has 600mg of calcium with 500 IU of Vitamin D3, while my previous one only has 500mg of calcium with 200 IU of Vitamin D3.

You must be wondering, why vitamin D? Well, if you don’t know already, vitamin Ds aid the absorption of calcium :)

The more potent Calcium + D3 from Blackmores.

The pill size is standard (same size as the pills from my old bottle) and I don’t have issues with swallowing it. I like the flip-up lid cause knowing me if it was a screw-on cap I would have lost the cap by now, speaking from experience.

After giving birth, it’s all the more important that I continue taking calcium as I am breastfeeding. Guess where the calcium in breastmilk comes from? Yeap, from the mommy! So as a woman, it’s really important to keep taking calcium supplements.

Yeah, mummy’s given all my calcium to you boy! Do find out more about Calcium + D3 here.

As long as I am breathing, I will continue to take calcium supplement everyday. Hopefully I will have healthy bones all the way into my twilight years!

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