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Taking care of your lady bits.

Sorry. I don’t know how else to title this post. Hehe.

# – This is me trying to look like I write this stuff all the time. Cool and confident, baby. Cool and confident!

Ladies and gentlemen, some things are best left unsaid. This is NOT one of them.

According to a good friend of mine, who does bikini waxing for a living, a lot of women do not take care of their “there”. Dry skin, pimple spots notwithstanding…sometimes they smell also lor!!!!!!

Maybe it’s hormonal, maybe it’s hygiene…but as a female, we should all take care that area, don’t you agree? Even if it isn’t for yourself, do it for your partner. Heck, do it for your bikini waxer!

In comes the range of daily feminine wash by the most trusted and prescribed (by gynaes) brand in feminine hygiene for over 25 years – Lactacyd. The range consists of 5 different washes for 5 different purposes.

# – 1. Lactacyd Lasting Freshness

Eversince I received this range of products, I have developed a sequence of what to use and when depending on the occasion. Lactacyd Lasting Freshness is perfect for everyday use so it is the first one for the day. Smells like fresh green apples…I love it. Make me smell like am totally good to eat hur hur hur

It is very refreshing and lasts pretty much the whole day. Also, it contains lactic acid from natural milk extracts to prevent stickiness and the discomfort of irritation. Love it!

# – 2. Lactacyd Revitalize

Lactacyd Revitalize is the one I use before I go to bed. It is part of my anti-aging regiment…alongside my anti-aging skincare hehe. What use of me looking younger if I undress to reveal a wrinkly, flapping l a b i a???

The mild formula, enhanced with vitamin E and collagen rejuvenates by preventing dryness and loss of skin elasticity. I supposed this would work very well for mothers who gave birth naturally too. It feels extra smooth and supple….very luxurious.

# – 3. Lactacyd pH 3.5

Now Lactacyd pH 3.5 is the one I use when I will be out for a long time. I think it’s perfect for travelling, when you don’t have the chance to make pit stops for some freshening up. And yes, this is the Lactacyd product that we’re most familiar with, the one that your gynae, sister and mother would recommend.

Thanks to its unique combination of natural milk Lactoserum/Lactic acid, Lactacyd pH 3.5 maintains your natural vagina pH, giving your lady bits freedom from infection, itching and malodour.

By the way, if you’re a person who’s constantly on the go, you should try the Lactacyd Feminine Wipes.

# – Lactacyd Feminine Wipes

Especially useful during period, after peeing and the damned stickiness during ovulation. Its waterless solution does a wonderful job at cleaning away any stickiness and discomfort.

# – 4. Lactacyd Nourish

I use Lactacyd Nourish when I know that…I am getting lucky trolololol . With extra 10% milk-based moisturizing ingredients, it makes my vajayjay extra silky and supple :D Maybe I will use this more when I want to make babies teehehehe.

Of course, the light floral scent accentuates the feeling of silky softness and everything else…

# – 5. Lactacyd White Intimate

The one I use the least but I do use it after I have worn especially tight jeans. Why? Cause it lightens the intimate area and we all know too much friction makes your skin looks darker.

Lactacyd White Intimate is made with natural lightening ingredients, which are plant based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area. Based on a user test on 100 Asian women by Synovate Ipsos from September – December 2011, 9 out of 10 Asian women claim to see visible lightening results within 4 weeks based on actual product use test.

So besides cleansing, you also get the benefit of having fairer bits in the long run.

# – The entire range.

There, 5 very different feminine wash for 5 very different purposes. Which are you thinking of getting?

They are available at all major pharmacies with price ranging from RM24.70 – RM25.90 for 250ml and RM9.30 – RM9.90 for 60ml. As for the wipes, they are priced at RM4.90 per pack of 10s.

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