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How is married life?

Have been hearing this question over and over again from completely different people eversince we got married. My default answer is, “good” or “same”.

I guess it’s a making small talk kinda question and people probably aren’t really that interested in finding out. Kind of like “How do you do?” but in a slightly more relevant context hence supposedly appropriate, not that I mind cause I ask small talk questions all the time regardless of real interest but sometimes I do find myself having to stop and think before I answer.

How is married life? Better and different.

Lets start with the “different” cause people like to take bad news first right?

I’ve been with Gareth for over over 7 years before we got married, and I was as giddy as giddy could be so I expected married life to be exactly the same as before perhaps better, only now there’s a paper that compel us to be committed to each other for FOREVER. Yeap, that’s how it feels like sometimes. FOREVER.

I call it my post-wedding jitters.

Mind you, I don’t get the jitters often…I still get crazy teenage giddy whenever I’m with my man. But it is when we fight that the fact we’re bound together till death do us part that hits me.

“WTF I am truly, really stuck with this man whose face I am thinking of ripping apart. What have I done!?????”.

I highly suspect it has something to do with my PMS where I get reduced into a raging mess of pessimism and self-pity (read: craycray.)

Is it just me or is anyone out there experiencing similar situations? Does this sound familiar to you married women?

As for the “better”, well it feels great to be married to my best friend who still grabs my ass when nobody’s looking after 8 years.

It is wonderful to know that someone who gets my jokes, who knows exactly what bitchy thought am thinking by me just raising an eyebrow, who puts up with my farts/burps and who despite my post-wedding jitters, sheer psychotic madness and serious disdain of house cleaning – is willingly stuck with me for FOREVER :)

How is married life?

I realise that married life is not a bed of roses, cause roses wilt and die, hello? Married life to me is like an earthquake/tsunami/hurricane proof house with a slide and a massive pool of multi-coloured plastic balls…cause that thing shakes and get dirty and stuff but it never breaks and you can have loads of fun in it.

Damn right.


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  1. Dave Lucas February 6, 2013 at 5:23 am #

    Hi Kim! I thought you might find this interesting!

  2. mela February 6, 2013 at 9:57 am #

    My default response to the question “how’s married life” was “more laundry.” And quite unfortunately, the laundry situation can only get worse.

    I supposed being married makes you work a little bit harder to fix your problems given that there is no longer a “walk away” option, which really isn’t a bad thing.

    If you are as housework inclined as I am, good luck with the laundry ;)

    • Kimberlycun February 14, 2013 at 2:22 am #

      i suppose my washing machine can wait.

  3. Matty February 5, 2014 at 5:33 pm #

    That’s an insightful read! Thanks for sharing!

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