Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 by Gas PETRONAS - Narcissism is Necessary

Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 by Gas PETRONAS

A while ago, I attended the finals of Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 by Petronas Gas. I was really excited to see the contest live as you know, I’m really into cooking.

I arrived at The Curve, in time to catch the finals for the professional leg. There were so many people!

# – Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 – I was there!

While waiting for the competition to start, the audience were entertained by local performers.

# – Energetic performance by local entertainers.

There were also games and mini contests for guests. I also played, but I was terrible at them!

# – Unlike these children, who were very good at assembling the Gas PETRONAS puzzle!

# – I was also pretty bad at putting the puzzles together. I should stick to blogging. These kids were so good at it!

Gas PETRONAS is the main sponsor for Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 Berita Harian.

# – The choice my cooking adventures.

Before long, the contest to find the best celebrity professional chef began.

The contestants were given 1 hour to complete their dish. They were provided with an island of ingredients to choose from but they had no idea what they were before.

# – The ingredients.

So, the contestants had to come up with two dishes on the spot – what a challenge!

# – And the finals for professional chef begins..

Chef Wan was one of the distinguised judges!! I was so star-struck!

# – Chef Wan giving one of the contestants his comments.

It was so exciting to watch these chefs at work. I learnt many tips while observing them.

It was so hard to see who had a higher chance to win the competition. They were all so skillful; chopping, blending and cooking away.

# – Who is going to take these trophies home?

After an hour of action, the buzz went off…indicating the end of the competition.

# – The judges together with the contestants and their final dishes.

Chef Wan critiques without mincing his words. It was amazing to see a legendary veteran like him giving sage advice to these aspiring celebrity chefs.

Finally, the winner was announced – it was Mohd Zamri with his pan fried salmon and mix wrap.

# – Mohd Zamri’s winning dishes.

Congratulations to Mohd Zamri for winning RM10,000 and a 6 month cooking column in Berita Harian.

# – Mohd Zamri is a freelancing cook as well as a culinary lecturer in a private education institute. Next on his resume…celebrity chef :)

# – All the winners of Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 and Gas Petronas.

After coming home from the contest, I got inspired by Mohd Zamri to whip up something. I wanted to make a crispy tuna roll inspired by his mix wrap.

I even made a video! I guess this is the first video of me cooking :D

# – How to make Crispy Tuna Roll.

It’s so simple but so delicious /selfpraise

Thank you Mohd Zamri for inspiring me to create this dish and thanks Gas PETRONAS for inviting me to such a lovely event. You are my choice of cooking gas!

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