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Blogging from Chiang Rai.

I’m now blogging from my hotel lobby in Chiang Rai. Just got back from a 2 hour traditional Thai massage which had managed to knead away the aches and pains from the previous massages I had been receiving daily. Yes life is pretty good.

Chiang Mai Zoo
In a tram at Chiang Mai Zoo.

I spent two days in Chiang Mai where I saw a couple of temples and the cutest elephants. Do you know that you pay to learn to become a frekin’ elephant whisperer?? Okay, I made that term up but you get my gist…you could pay to learn to command and communicate with elephants at this elephant sanctuary. More on that after I get home to my big and lovely laptop (my fingers are aching already from typing on the eeepc).

Elephants painted this, I kid you not. Going for 500 baht each.

Thailand is a much more animal friendly country than Malaysia, every stray that I’ve come across looked well fed and pretty happy. Though I was nearly driven to tears just a while ago seeing a couple of sad looking puppies being sold by the cages at the night market. Needless to say every animal that I’ve chanced upon reminds me of Charlie including a mean looking white Siberian tiger. So bite me, I miss my dog :P

Am going to the infamous Golden Triangle, the motherland of opium trade tomorrow and to have lunch by the Mekong River. Then will be in Bangkok the day after, And don’t know when will I blog again so take care!

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